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Adoption Grants & Loans

Howard DaytonAdoption is a ministry to effect future generations…and Lifesong’s Adoption Grant, and Church Adoption Fund programs are fantastic resources for how God could provide for your adoption financial needs…” — Howard Dayton, Co-Founder, Crown Financial Ministries

5000 children-01Adoption is our ultimate goal in caring for orphan children as it enables them to become a part of God’s perfect plan…a family. While many Christian families have the desire and resources to care for a child, initial costs keep many from following God’s call to adopt.

Please note — In order to comply with IRS guidelines and ECFA best practice, we must receive the completed application before the placement of a child in your home.

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Matching Grants


To watch testimonies of our Lifesong families, click here!

Lifesong offers matching grants (range from $1,000-$4,000), which encourage the adopting couple’s church family to financially and prayerfully support the adoption.

dollar for dollar 100Dollar-for dollar matching grants act as catalysts in raising funds. As donations come in for adoptive families, matching grant money becomes available.

church 100Involving the local church creates a lifelong bond between the church family and the adopted child.

 Key Strategy — Catalytic tool that mobilizes & engages the Body of Christ, leveraging funds to help bridge the financial gap.

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Interest Free Loans–Lifesong Legacy Fund


Travis, Shannon & family — Read their story!

The Lifesong Legacy Fund offers Interest Free Loans to help families overcome the high cost of adoption. For donors, the Legacy Fund is a gift that keeps on giving. As the loans are repaid, new family needs are met…creating a self-perpetuating fund.

Key Strategy — Funds become ‘self-perpetuating’, where loan repayments each month are recirculated to help meet current needs of new adopting families.

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Fund Your Adoption & Serve a Widow

sidebarBothHandsExplore this innovative adoption funding tool to remove the financial barriers. Raise money for your adoption while helping BOTH the widow and the orphan!  Learn more »

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