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June 23, 2017

When Staying Alive Depends on Being Adopted | Family Friday


Philip and his sisters

We adopted Philip and Arthur from China nearly one year ago.

Both of our sons have cerebral palsy. Philip, 4 yrs., was unable to self-feed, walk, or speak when we brought him home. He is now doing all three! Only God. Arthur was in serious condition, although we didn’t realize the extent until after many appointments and testing. On gotcha day he could not even hold his head up. He needed to be held and cradled like a newborn even though he was almost 3. The muscle tightness described in his medical file turned out to be spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. He was also silently aspiring everything we fed him. Surgery was done to insert a feeding tube and slowly he is growing stronger. Arthur is now able to stand with support and attempting a few steps. Many doctors have said that because of the shape he was in he shouldn’t have made it. Only God.

Watch the family video where Philip learns to walk

Lifesong was vital in our adoption process. You were vital in our adoption process. Without the matching grant we would not have been able to adopt, and our two sons would not have survived. We are so grateful for the ministry of Lifesong to families like ours and the children whose lives literally depend on being adopted.


Thank you for sharing your story! We rejoice with you at God’s clear and abundant provision on your behalf and on behalf of your children. We look forward to how God continues to bless as these little ones grow to learn about (and love!) the One Who has held them close from the beginning.  

Be God’s answer to a family’s prayer.


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