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January 30, 2017

The Gift of Monday Mornings | Liberia Update


Tests. Homework. Projects. Many students around the U.S. do not consider Mondays–and specifically going back to school–to be a gift. Far from it. Not so in Liberia. Many, many children are unable to attend school on a regular basis. And for them, it can be the difference between a future filled or desolate of hope and opportunity. Lifesong Liberia is thankful for the incredible privilege of having schools on site at both of our homes where 200+ children–including the children in our care along with kids from the community–are invited to receive a good education from dedicated teachers. We are honored to work with Liberian nationals who are passionate about rescuing and caring for destitute and abandoned children. Meet two such staff members who serve as educators and role models at Lifesong School in Liberia. We are grateful for these two (and many others!) who faithfully love and serve the children, all for the glory of God. Meet … Continue reading

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December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas + video

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the kids! Today, because of advocates like you, children all over the world have hope, health, happiness, and family. From all of us, thank you and Merry Christmas! Your Lifesong family   Related Posts

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October 25, 2016

Look what incredible skill the boys are learning in Liberia!

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The sounds of hammering, sawing, and sanding are in the air … For the past three months, seven of our oldest boys have been very busy on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  They are hard at work, first listening and watching, then doing it themselves. Under the guidance of experienced woodworkers, they are being taught basic woodworking skills, with a focus on making furniture. They are learning to produce and repair chairs, tables, beds, and cupboards. They also practice spraying and painting certain pieces, and have learned how to install doors, among other skills. This practical, hands-on vocational program will run for six months, with another group of students joining in by the end of November. As each student completes the training with accuracy, he will “graduate” and receive his own tool set. We are hopeful that some of the participants will go on to a successful career in carpentry, furniture design, or a … Continue reading

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August 1, 2016

Water Is Life | Liberia Update

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A New Venture for Lifesong Liberia. Lifesong Liberia has started a new business! A new venture named Lifesong Water was recently launched in Monrovia, where there is great need for purified drinking water. Lifesong Water is helping meet that need, while providing production and marketing training for some of our kids. As this project grows, it will become a sustainable business for us. We are hopeful that this business will continue to grow and will lead to more sustainability for Lifesong Liberia in the future. Water from city wells is purified and then packaged into small plastic bags. The bags are further packaged into larger sacks, which are sold to schools, churches and other businesses. Several of our students are involved in production three days each week and others are learning accounting practices, as they track sales and inventory. This project has already shown a profit, and is particularly valuable during the … Continue reading

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April 25, 2016

Tie and Dye and Other Fun Skills | Liberia Update


Enjoy this update from our Liberia team– Energy. Excitement. Learning. Life skills. Lifesong Liberia’s vocational training is in high gear! Since its inception last summer, our vocational program has focused on practical instruction in several areas of study, including basic computer skills, tie and dye, and interior decoration. Students in the tie and dye class learned how colors blend and the intricacies of many different designs. They were thrilled to be able to sell some of their dyed shirts and other items! The interior design group learned various techniques for party decorations, including balloon bouquets and flower arranging. They also created woven placemats and other decorative items for the home. We have moved into several new areas of classes and hands-on training.  The girls have been studying cosmetology, hair care, and design. This is a very popular class! They are enjoying practicing on each other, and learning skills they will always … Continue reading

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January 25, 2016

How God Is Shaping Leaders out of Children


Enjoy this update from our Liberia team– As our kids reach their teen years, they are taking on responsibilities in the homes, at school, and at church.  Several of them have participated in mentoring and leadership training, where they are learning that they can make a difference in their culture as they take advantage of the opportunities they have. These teens are becoming role models for the younger kids. We got to hear young Andrew give the sermon as part of the Orphan Sunday celebration, speaking to a large crowd who had gathered for the occasion. His dream is to become a pastor, evangelist, or an international worker. Grace develops choreography and teaches it to the dance team.      Hans plays the drums during worship, and Garmai is the youth choir director.     Samuel and Abraham are responsible for the libraries. Justina, Mamie, and several other girls help … Continue reading

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October 27, 2015

Life Skills 101 | Liberia Update


 Please enjoy this update from our team in Liberia … We are excited to announce that vocational training has begun at Lifesong Liberia! Thirty-one of our oldest kids from both homes have participated in computer training recently. They learned basic skills and have greatly improved their keyboarding ability. The students also enjoyed creating and printing documents. Eight of them, who have shown more interest and aptitude, will be continuing their studies in the computer program. They will also be functioning as “teacher aides” in the computer lab.  Several new areas of training are set to begin soon.  The children will be taught interior decorating skills, such as floral and jewelry design. They will also be learning about textile design, including tie-dye and other fabric design techniques. Each program is geared to include lots of hands-on experience and is directed by knowledgeable instructors. All of these programs will enhance the cognitive … Continue reading

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