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July 12, 2016

How Camp Is Changing Lives in Ukraine

ukraine_twitter 1

Endless laughter, sunkissed faces, lifelong friends… With summer officially underway, camps here in the U.S. and around the world are in full swing. At Lifesong Ukraine, staff and children are in the midst of their busy camp season. These 5- to 7-day camps include studying the Bible, playing games, hiking outdoors, and singing around the campfire. Would you pray with us that God would be pleased to bless this summer camp season abundantly? During the past 5 years, over 5,000 campers have attended one of Lifesong Ukraine’s summer camps. This staggering statistic has provided unprecedented opportunity to invest in the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable children in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. “It was my dream come true; I never felt so great in any of the camps before.” –Yarik (18)  In part because of relationships established or strengthened during the summer camp season, 84% of the children in orphanages served by Lifesong Ukraine continue on to … Continue reading

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April 11, 2016

A Light as Bright as Day | Ukraine Update

Chernigov 1

Enjoy this update from our Ukraine team– We are on the finish line getting prepared for summer camps season. Still there are a lot of things to do, but it’s a blessed time for us. We are all looking forward to all camps that are coming up. Please pray for these camps, as kids there are closest to God because they are isolated from their usual environment, and surrounded by believers. Our Zap team has been very successful in their ministry. They’ve finished building the transitional house and are now finishing building the Pavilion to provide large indoor and general area for residents and especially transitional home visitors. One interesting fact is that a lot of work has been made by the hands of graduates and Egor along with his wife Alexandra (CCP couple there). We do believe that this work is significant in lives of graduates because they will … Continue reading

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January 18, 2016

A Gentle Plea for Prayer | Ukraine

Ukraine Christmas

Here in Ukraine, we hope and pray you had a great Christmas time with your family and friends. Time is flying; one more year is gone. Everyone on our team is working hard to give our Lord twice as many talents as we’ve received from Him. Your prayers are a huge help to us. We greatly appreciate your support in the past years and hope for a productive 2016… for His glory! We celebrated the New Year holiday together with kids. It was a unique experience to meet 2016 on our knees praying to God. Great start of the year. Our teams visited all of our orphanages where we gave out sweets and told kids about Christmas in a special way (through concerts, plays, etc). Would you pray with us for this new year? Here are some specifics– Blessings: For our team members, and volunteers who serve together with us. They are … Continue reading

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August 10, 2015

Farming the Future: The Power of Sustainable Business


When you hear the term sustainable business, what comes to mind?–green business, renewable energy, or harnessing the power of the sun? So many possibilities … and in certain discussions, these answers would be correct. Sustainable business in our context refers to businesses or enterprises that are generating revenue and profit to enable orphan care ministry. As opposed to relying on donations or support, these businesses exist as stand-alone, self-sustaining entities that accomplish 3 specific things: 1. They generate revenue to fuel orphan care projects. Sustainable businesses do not require on-going donations to stay afloat. Hard-working entrepreneurs are making shoes, weaving rugs, farming strawberries–using creative means at their disposal to harness innovative sales for eternal purposes. Luke Gudeman, who spent 4 years working in Zambia on one of Lifesong’s strawberry farms said it best– Find the right people with a head for business and a heart for ministry. 2. They provide jobs for caretakers. … Continue reading

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July 14, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camping {Ukraine Update}

Camp1 (1)

“It was my dream come true; I never felt so great in any of the camps before.” –Yarik (18)  We just finished up the camp for grads and kids from Sakh orphanage and are excited to share an update with you. We know that we are in your prayers constantly … we feel it every day in our work with the kids.  #1: Fun games and recreation!   Summer is the busiest time of year for our VBS camps team. The support and involvement of the local church, especially youth, is very important in our daily orphan care efforts. Our volunteer database is very large and consists of close to 400 people in Kharkiv, Zap, and Chernigiv. For every full-time worker we have 10 volunteers, and they do a lot of work. #2: Great kids and staff! To refresh vision and encourage church youth we organize conferences, weekend retreats, and orphanage visits regularly. Every … Continue reading

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May 6, 2015

Ping Pong Anyone? {Ukraine Update}

Tennis Tournament 2

Enjoy this update from our staff in Ukraine…  “We continue serving our mighty God. Time in Ukraine is not easy now, however God provides us with everything we need. We would like to share a couple of bright moments from our ministry in the previous months.  First of all, want to tell you about our semi-annual Table Tennis Tournament. This year we had four teams from Loubetin, Sach, Gorodnya and local church, who were qualified. We spent three great days together around the Word of God, good rest, and tasty food (for the boys from orphanages it’s of a big importance and joy to be fed up well). Then there was the day of the tournament. Sach team took the first place (as usual, thanks to their coach, Alexei)! The following day we went to the church and had a nice day out in the city.  Also, we are glad … Continue reading

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March 4, 2015

Building Relationships Through Ukraine Camps

Weekend 5

Mid-February, our staff in Ukraine gathered the key youth volunteers, team members and the graduates who have firmly decided to follow Jesus for a 3-day camp of encouragement and fellowship. Some of our invested Orphan Advocates from the US joined them, presenting practical lessons on relationship building and personal mentorship. It was an encouragement to all who attended! After the sessions, they enjoy a fun (& chilly) time outdoors riding horses, playing in the snow, etc. Time spent together with our Orphan Advocates with a heart to help orphaned children proved to be a blessing full of unforgettable moments! Please enjoy these quotes from those who attended and pictures: “It was a great blessing for me to meet and have fellowship with our brothers from the USA who visited Ukraine. Thanks to the material they shared with us I’ve learned how to build relations with people so they bring glory … Continue reading

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