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January 25, 2013

God Made a Way // Family Friday

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We’re stepping out of the norm today!  Instead of sharing a post-adoptive story, I invite you to listen in as John & Josee Waller, adoptive family of a sibling group from Ukraine (Max, Anna & Olha), share their pre-adoptive story!  The Waller’s, already parents to 5 children, felt God clearly directing them towards adoption. John & Josee were able to meet Max & Anna through a summer hosting program and have made a video sharing how God mightily worked in their hearts through this journey.   We are thankful, through the support of our Church Fund Partners, to be able to financially support this family’s adoption! John & Josee leave TOMORROW for Ukraine and we ask that you would cover their trip and family in prayer!  Update since video production from John & Josee: “We discovered Max and Anna have a 12-year-sister, Olha, that we found about a month before our first trip. They have … Continue reading

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January 11, 2013

Humbled to Watch the Body of Christ // Family Friday

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the recent change in Russia’s law regarding American adoptions (if not, click here). There are many unknowns for adoptive families who are in process and I urge you to keep them as well as the children in Russia in your prayers. So today, instead of be anxious of tomorrow, let’s rejoice in what God is doing today! I’d like to share a family who were blessed to adopt two little girls, Katelyn & Elliana, from Russia last year. Lifesong, in partnership with The James Fund, were able to provide Jason and Heather an interest-free adoption loan and fundraising account to help them bring these treasures into their forever family. Working with Lifesong was great.   We really appreciated not only the financial support, but prayer support and consideration for our family during our adoption. The biggest thing that helped financial was opening the fundraising account.  We were … Continue reading

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December 14, 2012

Both Hands Project Creates Lasting Friendship // Family Friday


About a year ago, Scott, Becky and a group of their friends worked on a widow’s home for a day as they raised money through Lifesong and Both Hands to bring their daughter Molly home from China. Kelly, the widow they served, and her daughter Tori Rose, lost their husband & father seven years ago. Check out their video from last year… Now, a year later, Molly is finally home and we were excited to receive Becky’s email this week showing how their relationship with Kelly and her daughter has only grown in the past year… I just wanted to share a few precious pictures of Kelly & Tori Rose with our family.  It’s been a year since we did our Both Hands project and we are still great friends with Kelly & Tori Rose!  God joined our two families together in a beautiful way!  The last picture is a … Continue reading

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December 7, 2012

Family Friday: A “Full Circle Story”

IPhoneDec2012 280

It was our delight to receive an email this week from Kris & Sarah, a couple who received a Lifesong Matching Grant back in 2004. At the time, they were in the process of adopting two girls from Russia, Elena and Yulia (12 & 10 years old at the time). Listen in to hear where God has brought them in the last 8 years… I wanted to share something exciting which happened with Elena today, and thank you for everything you did in helping us adopt her and Yulia. You may not be aware, but Elena and Yulia had received an Operation Christmas Child shoe box when they were in the orphanage in Russia.  They are what OCC calls “full circle stories”.  Elena has had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with OCC to distribute the shoe boxes to other children and has since became a speaker for Samaritan’s Purse.  Today she shared the stage … Continue reading

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November 30, 2012

Adoption: ONE less orphan // Gifts of Purpose

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“(Adoption) taught me that anyone in the world could be your family no matter where they come from!” -Cailer Kellenberger, Oldest Brother of Adopted Twins from Ethiopia Through Lifesong for Orphans’ 2012 Gifts of Purpose Catalog, you can give a gift towards ONE less orphan. Bridge the Financial Barrier for American Adoptive Families Dedicated to growing their family through adoption despite high costs, Neal & Kim Kellenberger brought Kebe and Shena home from Ethiopia. After Lifesong provided an interest-free loan, they faithfully repaid it so that the funds could be re-invested in another adoptive family. Other ‘ONE less Orphan’ Gifts of Purpose: Respond to Foster Care Children Support a Ukrainian Family’s Adoption

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November 9, 2012

Family Friday: “Many wanted to do more…”


Listen in with Dave & Sue as they share their expereince of adoption fundraising with Lifesong.  Dave & Sue adopted their two children, Erica (6) and Silas (2), from Ghana and we were so excited to be just one piece of the puzzle to help bring them home to a forever family! We have a great support system made up of family and friends in our community and church. They have all prayed for us and helped us prepare for the arrival of our two kids through an adoption shower. But, many wanted to do more and Lifesong provided them the opportunity to support us financially while also receiving a record of their donation and a tax deduction.  Everyone at Lifesong was more than willing to answer our questions and our emails were responded to almost immediately. We also appreciated the encouragement and prayers from the staff. The fact that Lifesong … Continue reading

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November 7, 2012

Sarah’s Birthday of Purpose

Long Family 39

Meet Sarah. Sarah just celebrated her 6th birthday last month. You would expect to see dolls, games, and maybe even a bike on her birthday list, right? Wrong. For the second year in a row, Sarah has asked that instead of gifts for her birthday, money be given to Lifesong for Orphans as we care for children around the world. Recently we recieved this note, along with a check to Lifesong from Sarah’s mom, Enclosed is $500 to help fund the adoption of an Ukrainian orphan into a Christian Ukrainian family through your Adoption without Borders program. Our daughter, Sarah, chose to collect donations for Lifesong in lieu of presents to celebrate her 6th birthday. God bless you and your efforts at Lifesong! Isn’t so refreshing to know that because of the selfless choice of ONE child, an orphan in Ukraine can become adopted into a forever family! Sarah, thank you … Continue reading

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