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December 14, 2016

7 Creative Ways to Honor Your Child’s Culture at Christmas

Child's culture at Christmas

Holidays are a great time to celebrate the varying and diverse cultural heritage that makes up the fabric of an adoptive family. Incorporating your child’s cultural roots in a special way tells your child–with or without saying it–that these roots are important, not only for him or her, but for your entire family. Here are 7 creative ways to honor your child’s culture at Christmas– 1. Eat something. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, you can find a recipe for just about anything. Go to a site like and enter a country name into the search box. Incorporate an item onto the main holiday menu or serve it as a special snack at bedtime. Kinche from Ethiopia or dumplings from China would make an excellent family holiday tradition. Bonus: Look for international grocery stores in your area, or order treats online. 2. Read something. Look for books that celebrate your child’s ethnicity or cultural history without … Continue reading

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December 9, 2016

Movie Night: 5 Family Films About Adoption

adoption movies

Movies can be a helpful catalyst for conversation. And since adoption is a time-tested theme in entertainment, many choices exist. Not all family friendly movies containing an adoption element are a good idea, however. If you’re looking to avoid a movie (a.k.a. The Avengers) whose on-screen answer to a killer’s spree was, “He’s adopted,” try *these choices instead. 1. Anne of Green Gables Whether you have sworn your lifetime allegiance to the 1985 production or are a new fan of the recently released 2016 version (OR are holding out for the new TV series coming to Netflix in 2017), don’t discount this plot line in the adoption discussion. Orphaned since infancy and passed around for 12 years, Anne maintains a single philosophy: Look for the best in everything. If it doesn’t exist, imagine it. Finally Anne is adopted by Matthew and Marilla, and it doesn’t take long to realize this decision makes many lives richer. 2. Despicable Me … Continue reading

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November 2, 2016

7 (crazy encouraging) Things to Say to Adopting Families


A quick Google search will yield hundreds of examples of what NOT to say to an adopting family. Here are 7 things TO say: 1. “Congratulations!” It almost seems too simple, but genuine excitement is golden to adopting families. You may have legitimate (even gracious, thought-provoking) concerns, but sharing them can be unhelpful. Rest confidently in the knowledge that God is working on the family’s behalf and will not allow an adoption to advance that is not part of His plan. If you can find it in your heart to be excited, pursue it. 2. “God is good!” Regardless of what circumstances led to the decision to adopt–including infertility, miscarriage, cancer–focus on God’s good gift of a child via adoption. Though it is tempting to genuinely apologize–especially if the path leading to the adoption has been difficult–it gives the impression you believe the news is bad or sad. Celebrate the positive outcome of … Continue reading

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October 21, 2016

How Adoption Is Brokenness and Love | Family Friday


Tears of joy and tears of grief. Adoption is born out of both brokenness and love. Going back to our adoption day video, 2-year-old Caidyn was handed to us by a cheerful nanny who had been our son’s most beloved caretaker in Tianjin, China. While our eyes were fixed on Caidyn easily coming to his mommy, the camera was recording. The camera captured the grief and pain written across Ms. Ma’s face, knowing she would never seen Caidyn again. As a foster family ourselves, we are familiar with the grief when a child leaves the last time. This transition is bittersweet, we see the transition involving the broken and the loved. This was one of many motivators in our pursuit of international adoption and for our sweet boy, Caidyn. Nearly 20 years ago a seed was planted in my heart to adopt. I experienced the pain of a wrecked family … Continue reading

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October 19, 2016

5 Answers to the Question: What Prompted You to Adopt?

Dan and Sarah are a Lifesong family. They brought their daughter home this year.

What prompted you to seriously consider adoption for the first time?” We asked members of our Facebook audience this question and received an overwhelming response. It didn’t take long to see that the answers fell into 4 basic categories: 1. Personal hardship. Various people shared about miscarriage, infertility, failed IVF treatments, and cancer. What a poignant reminder that even in life’s worst moments, God is working everything–every stab of pain, every moment of doubt, every second of disappointment–for our good. Stephanie wrote– “Shortly after we lost a baby to miscarriage, God brought people along our path who fostered/adopted to open us up to this choice in life. It was never something I planned to do growing up, but something God called me to later on in life. Even though this was not the life I had thought from the beginning or even before I was married, it was God’s plan for me since the beginning of time.” … Continue reading

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October 14, 2016

A Letter to YOU from an Adoptive Family


It didn’t take us long to realize this letter was actually written to you. With all our hearts to the Lifesong family– We brought our sweet boy home forever last December and arrived in Texas on Christmas Eve, after praying for a solid year that he would be home in time for Christmas 2015. What a journey it has been over the last 9 months! As with all adoptions, there are many things families cannot predict, and our story is no different. We had prepared, read, attended conferences and spent time with adoptive families discussing attachment and bonding, anticipating this to be the most challenging aspect to our adoption journey. Although there was a definite and deep grieving period for Titus after leaving the foster parents that had cared for him from the time he was 8 months old until we took custody at 3 years, his bonding to our family has been amazingly smooth … Continue reading

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October 7, 2016

Enduring the Agony of Adoption Detours | Family Friday


Meet Austin and Erin. In his words … Our adoption journey began in 2010, when we applied to adopt from Ethiopia. Early on, Erin and I knew we wanted to adopt. In pre-marital counseling, when discussing children, we realized we were both interested in international adoption. Our desire grew further in our young marriage, so we decided we would pursue an adoption before trying to have biological children. This leads to the first lesson we learned (as it seems all do): adoptions do not go in straight lines. We were blessed with two biological children while waiting for our adoption in Ethiopia to come to fruition. About four years into the process our agency, Gladney Center for Adoption, informed us they were having to close their operation in Ethiopia. Despite this grave disappointment, we were so thankful to have Gladney walking with us every step of the way. Their professionalism and … Continue reading

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