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February 17, 2014

Giving Hope to the Hopeless {Lifesong Ukraine}

Please enjoy this update from Lifesong Ukraine…   One of our recent highlights was a camp for children with special needs at our camp horse farm. It was a great week for the children who don’t have much in this life! Not much in terms of what State run institution offers as well and what future holds for them. The State Social Care Program is designed to keep them in the orphanage until they are 28-30 and then transfer them to a State nursing home to live until they pass away. Many of these children have down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy or other mental disorders. But, many of them are very smart and capable to function in our society, requiring some supervision. Most importantly, we see that many of them understand God’s plan and are very receptive to the Gospel.    Horse therapy is one of the key elements of the program with these … Continue reading

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August 7, 2013

Businesses Giving Back


Coming off of our Be a Light summer blog series, you may feel like you were drinking from a fire hydrant. We shared all kinds of information, resources, books and links that may have left you thinking…“Well, what does being a light look like for ME?” And that is a good question; one that need to be prayed through, thought out and discussed. It will look different for each of us and that’s ok. Sometimes in our own journey, it’s helpful to have examples that can guide us in what it looks like to be a light. With that theme still in mind, I thought it would be great to share with you one of our Orphan Advocates who is amazing example of someone who is being  light to children in need through their business. I don’t highlight him to lift him up or put his family and business on a pedestal, … Continue reading

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July 29, 2013

Advocate // 5 Ways YOU can be a Light to a Child in Need


This is post is part of a summer blog series titled, “5 Ways You can be a Light to a Child in Need”. To read previous post, click here.  “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”Proverbs 31:8-9 Today is the last post of our summer blog series “5 Ways YOU can be a Light to a Child in Need”. I must say, I am so thankful for the overwhelming response on the last post featuring adoption; I loved reading each comment and hearing your heart for the orphan. I’m honored you would choose to join this conversation. For our last, but certainly not least, post we will talk about the role of an advocate. One thing I really like about the word “advocate” is that it is both a noun and a verb. I am … Continue reading

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April 24, 2013

One Less Orphan… // Lifesong Ethiopia

We invite you to share a word of encouragement to our staff at Lifesong Ethiopia. To do so, please comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall and it will be forwarded to our staff. Thank you in advance for your kind words of support! Update from Lifesong Ethiopia… Meet Beza, 7th grade student at Lifesong Ethiopia who needs a sponsor. Tragically, when Beza was only a 5th grader, she was raped and became pregnant.  Because of Lifesong she was able to receive medical care and safely deliver her son. She currently lives with her mother and brother.  On less than $1 a day making injera, the Ethiopian bread staple, she [Alemeneshe, Beza’s mom] works to provide fresh milk for the baby. They keep the milk in a thermos because they are too poor to own a refrigerator.   Thankfully, Beza is now attending the Lifesong Ethiopia School and realizes that her future has … Continue reading

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April 15, 2013

Help ONE child become ONE LESS statistic!

ZAT OneLess 6

What would the world look like if each of us made it our responsibility to see one less orphan without an education…one less orphan without a growling hunger… or one less orphan without a bleak future of poverty?  In the next 45 days, our goal is to find a sponsor for every single child who has yet to be sponsored at our school in Lifesong Ethiopia. (Gulp! That’s a tall order! See below how YOU can help.) We are asking for an investment of just $19/month that will result in a future leader for the renewal of Africa from the inside out. Invest in a life of a child. Invest in self-sufficiency. Invest in bringing hope to one more orphan. Together we can get EVERY child sponsored! Will you help us? How can YOU help each child find a sponsor: PRAY: Join us in praying for the 587 children who are unsponsored in Ethiopia. Pray for the thousands … Continue reading

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April 11, 2013

Orphan Justice // Give-a-way!


                      UPDATE: And the winners are: Jeanne and Erin! Thanks to each of you who commented. We love hearing about your heart for orphans. Hopefully each of you will have a chance to read Orphan Justice! We’re exited to share with you a book released last month by our good friend Johnny Carr, from Bethany Christian Services. As an adoptive dad and orphan advocate, Johnny acknowledges that we as Christians are called by God to care for orphans.  Realizing that not all 153 million orphans and vulnerable children in the world need to be adopted, just like not every couple needs to become adoptive parents, Johnny takes it a step further. In his book, Orphan Justice, he discusses ways that we, as the Church, can care for orphans beyond adoption addressing issues like child trafficking, HIV/AIDS, racism, abortion and others. No one can … Continue reading

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April 8, 2013

Students Give Tour of Christ’s Life // Lifesong Zambia

 We invite you to share a word of encouragement to our staff at Lifesong Zambia. To do so, please comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall and it will be forwarded to our staff. Thank you in advance for your kind words of support! Please enjoy this update from Shane McBride, Lifesong Zambia Director… We had a wonderful Easter drama organized by Leslie and carried out by each class. As the parents walked through 8 staged dramas, they got to watch their children depict the Easter story.  With pride and enthusiasm the students performed flawlessly.  The parents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles all saw the pain of Christ’s death and the power of His resurrection. Stage by stage, they experienced the Easter weekend, starting with the baby class singing an Easter song, to the Grade 8 class singing about the resurrection.  Our 292 students really did a great job.  The drama ended with … Continue reading

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