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March 15, 2017

ROOTED: Hope for Struggling Parents (+ an exciting giveaway!)


Sometimes we need wisdom and counsel on how to parent our children well who come with unique or difficult pasts. If you are a parent who is: 1) facing challenges, 2) struggling to parent or love your child well, or 3) looking to develop a gospel-driven focus to the way you raise your child, ROOTED is for you. ROOTED is an online training course featuring 14 videos and a printed study guide that provide gospel-centered support for adoptive and foster families—designed specifically for families, orphan ministries, counselors, and adoption agencies. This online course includes teaching from Dr. Paul David Tripp, Dr. Voddie Baucham, and a host of Christian doctors, psychologists, therapy experts, and foster/adoptive parents. Endorsement “As an adoptee and an adoptive parent, I viewed each video through both lenses, marveling how each lesson could so accurately identify pain points and introduce solutions through the iron grid of grace-saturated Scriptural truth. This team doesn’t hold back–either in speaking to great needs or … Continue reading

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August 17, 2016

3 Things to Consider: Answering Questions about Our Kids


Insensitive comments from people who are unfamiliar with children from hard places are nothing new in the adoption community. Following up on last week’s gentle plea for tact, here are 3 things to consider when talking about the children in our care: Whether or not we are speaking to our children, we are speaking to our children. Our kids hear what we say to other people about them, and our answers often have a greater capacity for harm or good than the questions posed by strangers. When the tactless shopper in the grocery store asks about the way our child walks or talks, answer the stranger believing the child is listening and understanding every word. Specifically, questions that begin with, “What is wrong with …” can easily be answered with “Nothing. (S)he is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).” Just because the personal question is asked doesn’t mean we need to respond with personal information. When someone inquires about … Continue reading

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January 15, 2016

We’ve Got Mail! | Family Friday

The Goodworth children

We love receiving notes from our families, and this one is no exception– Dear Lifesong, I sit here in a guesthouse in Ethiopia with a little 6-year-old who is running around with a Lego car yelling “Daddy, Daddy” as he chases my husband. It has been almost 4 years since we started this process and we are finally here, going to the US Embassy tomorrow to ask for our visa to go back home. I don’t know how to thank you for your care and support for us financially and prayerfully. It is a humbling process to receive so much. I have a feeling this humbling process of trying to raise an older adoptive child has only just begun. It is only by the grace of God, the support of others, and the stories/education of those who have gone before that we feel we can step forward in faith on this big … Continue reading

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March 23, 2015

From One Momma to Another…

Image from Reed Yackley

We’re thankful to welcome back guest blogger and adoptive mom, Nicole Schmidt. Please read along today as she shares her heart for her fellow adoptive mama… Sometimes adoptive parenting, and more specifically mothering can be a lonely road.  A week ago I had the privilege of attending a conference that was strictly for adoptive moms. Each mother was unique, and had a different story of adoption to tell—it was beautiful.  Standing in this huge room, singing worship songs with 450 mothers– I saw faces of women that I had never met, but I knew them. I could instantly recognize myself in their faces.  The mom dreaming of a child far away, imagining a new chapter in her life. The waiting mom who has this fire in her belly for a child she hasn’t even met yet.  I know you. The weary mom, fighting back tears and looking for rest. The … Continue reading

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January 14, 2015

Ways to Use Your Adoption Fund

It is our joy to partner with over 340 churches and ministries in 42 states across the United States as we help administer their Adoption Funds. As you may know, Adoption Funds typically have been a resource for adoptive families to help bridge the financial barrier of adoption through creative adoption funding. And while that is still a primary function of our Adoption Funds, we have seen churches wanting to go beyond adoption and use their funds to help families around the world. Ways You Can Use Your Adoption Adoption Adoption Funding – giving adoption funding (grants and/or interest free loans) to couples in your church  Outside the Walls – financially supporting adoptive families beyond your church — families from your city or state Adoption Without Borders – helping Ukraine Christian couples adopt indigenously through adoption funding Post Adoption Support – providing the cost to give post-adoption counseling to transitioning and struggling adoptive families Orphan Care Partnership … Continue reading

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January 2, 2015

What We Look Like One Month Home {Family Friday}


“Caden has now been home over a month. Many have commented that it has flown by, yet to me the time feels much longer. As a family we have come so far. Each member stretched and strengthened, growing into our crazy, beautiful family of 5. Our early days together were a blur – I was sleep deprived and exhausted and trying to process that our dream of having our beautiful son home was now a reality. As the weeks passed we each settled into our new roles and learned to ebb and flow as a family. This adjustment has been different than I expected. I wasn’t prepared for the post-adoption roller coaster ride of emotions and all that comes with it. I had expected to see grief and had imagined most of my efforts would be comforting him through it. I didn’t anticipate that instead our new toddler would be … Continue reading

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December 5, 2014

Gethsemane – Where Healing Begins

Gethsemane Blog Post

Thanks to so many of you for following along last month as we heard from various adoptive moms on very real adoption issues. Because of the overwhelming response, our hope is to continue allowing this blog to be a platform for hearts to be shared, understood and heard. Please read along again this week as adoptive mother, Elianah Bede, shares the struggles faced when opening their home to a hurting older child and how God is teaching her through it… “I sat on the hallway floor in the dark, hugging my knees which were pulled tight against my chest, sobbing, and begging God to intervene.  It was after midnight, and the noise of the raging coming from my son’s bedroom seemed to drown out my prayer.   It was my husband’s turn to try to calm our son, so I sat alone in the hallway.  This night was just one more … Continue reading

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