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400 adoption funds-01Common Barriers & Solutions

Here are the 3 most common barriers churches face when starting an Adoption Fund and Lifesong’s solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Church staff “plate is already full” to administer fund. 

mouse copySolution: Lifesong will manage/facilitate the Fund & carry the administrative load on behalf of church, using mutually agreed upon criteria (reviewing applications, accounting, donor receipts, disbursing funds on behalf of adoption, etc.)

Church feels uncomfortable/awkward approving/denying their own families (viewing financials, etc.).

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Solution: Lifesong will provide all the screening, reviewing, approving/denying as a ‘partner’ on behalf of the church, using mutually agreed upon criteria for those decisions

Adoption Fund is unfamiliar territory.

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Solution: Lifesong has passion, and expertise in adoption funding processes, maximize stewardship, use existing grant/loan procedures, IRS approved, ECFA approved (establishes financial integrity & avoids recreating the wheel)

One of the best aspects: Lifesong manages & administers the Adoption Fund at no cost to churches!

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church-fund-children-2016An Adoption Fund is a Practical Way to…

Platt-DavidI am deeply grateful for God’s grace in Lifesong…I wholeheartedly recommend Lifesong to churches who want to express the love of the Father to the fatherless here and around the world.
–David Platt, Former Senior Pastor, The Church at Brook Hills

How does Lifesong help the Church establish a Fund?

Hear what Church Fund Partners have to say about Lifesong!

Hear what Church Fund Partners have to say about Lifesong!

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Launching a fund – Lifesong helps your church allocate funding from missions budget, benevolence fund or raised funds (see Both Hands Project for Churches) to launch ministry for Adoption Fund.Example: First Baptist Church allocates $15,000 to be used as interest-free loans and/or matching grants.

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Administratively easy – Lifesong serves your church by using our existing grant & loan management processes to administer your church adoption fund (i.e. qualifying families on mutually agreed upon criteria, administering funds, etc.). This eliminates the need for the local church to “re-create the wheel” in establishing a fund. Lifesong will help administer the adoption fund, at no cost to the church or the fund.

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Engages Body of Christ – The Body of Christ as a whole is engaged in this Kingdom activity (local church, family, friends).

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“Win-Win-Win” situation – The local church is actively involved on behalf of orphans, the financial roadblock for families is removed, the orphan child is adopted into a permanent Christian family…all with minimal administrative burden for the church.

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Synergy – We can do more together (Local Church and Lifesong) than either of us can do solely on our own.

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