Providing HOPE to impoverished Cambodian children. Helping change the future of these rescued children through proper care, nutrition, education and discipleship.

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By showing the LOVE OF GOD to these children, we are investing in the future SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL all throughout Cambodia and beyond! Learn More »
100 Children Served
15 In-Country Staff
2012 Year established

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There are so many ways you can help us serve orphans in Cambodia. your financial support and prayers help make our mission possible!

Our Mission

To rescue oppressed children through sharing the love of Christ in providing a way out of the hopeless situation found in migrant construction sites and slum communities.  To provide these rescued children with proper care and education, discipling them in the love of God, in the hope that they will become the indigenous missionaries of tomorrow.

To rescue women wishing to leave the sex trade industry by providing them with shelter, nutrition and employment opportunities.

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Battle of the Chefs: Cambodia Update and Opportunity

God continues to do big things for the children of Cambodia and Thailand, and we are blessed to have a front row seat to His work.  Specifically, 40 Cambodian and Burmese children now gather daily at the Construction of Hope Project in Bangpli, Thailand, to receive education, skills training, and discipleship. With [...] Continue Reading »

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Meet Children with Radical Courage to Hope | Cambodia Update

Every morning in Bangpli, the children gather to share testimonies of how God is working in their lives. How humbling it is to hear from children who have suffered deep hurts or horrific losses, yet they joyfully share personal examples of the goodness of God in their circumstances. These kids have already learned [...] Continue Reading »

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What Do Valentine’s Day and Christmas Have in Common? | Cambodia Update

Holidays allow us to celebrate, but also to redeem opportunities for sharing God’s love and making new connections. In countries like Cambodia where many people do not yet know about Christmas, believers take the opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth long into the new year. In Bangpli, Thailand, for [...] Continue Reading »

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