Preparing children in Honduras to ‘Change their Nation’ by providing Christian education, vocational training, micro-business opportunities, and ministry outreach.

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Lifesong for Orphans, in partnership with Tree of Life Ministry, is working in Honduras to provide HOPE to the Hopeless, HELP to the Helpless, & HEALING to the Hurting at Plan Escalon School.
578 Children Served
95 In-Country Staff
1988 Year established

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There are so many ways you can help us serve orphans in Honduras. your financial support and prayers help make our mission possible!

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Our Mission

Escalon is translated “a plan to escalate” and is used to describe the hope for children to escalate out of poverty and brokenness. Our students attend school and live on the Plan Escalon campus. Students also receive job skill training and micro-business opportunities such as: glass etching, managing a bakery, growing a private label coffee, and operating two small retail stores. To learn new skills and potentially generate income for his/her family, each student is equipped with hands-on experience and challenged to open a business within the community.

Escalon is translated “a plan to escalate” and is used to describe the hope for children to escalate out of poverty and brokenness.

IMPACT of Lifesong Honduras & Tree of Life:

  • Teaching Christian education to the poorest of youth
  • Feeding students 3 meals every day
  • Providing vocational training & micro-business opportunities
  • Creating access to free medical and dental clinics to those in need
  • Training young people to give back to their communities
  • Reaching people in the jungles of the Mosquito Coast


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1 Bed = 2 Beds {Honduras Dorm Project}

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$10 for Toilets

$10 for Toilets

$10 for Toilets — Help Meet a Need! With 600 students living on campus, you can imagine the bathrooms get a lot of use and wear.   The boy’s bathrooms on the Plan Escalon campus in Honduras are in serious need of repairs and updates. Several of the fixtures no longer work, causing significant health and [...] Continue Reading »

WATCH: Roxana Helps Change Her Nation

Each year 140 graduates leave Plan Escalon. Many of these graduates will go on to college. Some, like Roxana, will get a job or even start their own business. Others choose to give back a year by volunteering at the school or in a remote village as a teacher or nurse. No matter the direction they choose, each of these [...] Continue Reading »