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Ethiopia High School

Building opportunities to grow 140 new leaders in Ethiopia each year!

970 students





As we work to help provide better opportunities for the students we serve, we are entering the next phase of building a high school.  In the communities that we serve, only 3% of girls and 4% of boys will attend secondary school.  

Ethiopian Secondary Attendance-01

That means that over 90% of these kids would not attend high school, let alone graduate!  We want to change that by giving our students the opportunity they would not normally have and continue to grow these students into the next leaders–business leaders, political leaders, government leaders, spiritual leaders and family leaders–of Ethiopia and Africa!

140 leaders

Discipleship Vision & Programs

Ethiopian Stats-01

church funds-01  Community Church:  Attend church in the community on Sundays.

bible-01  Scripture Memory:  35-40 verses memorized each year.

child sponsorship flip-01  Weekly Mentorship:  Relationship building during and after school.

pen-01  Life Skills Training:  Financial management and other skills.

Estimated Costs

$250,000 dec 31 2

Classrooms & Labs $265,000

Athletic Fields $28,000

Support Buildings & Land $502,000

Total Estimated Costs $745,000

Donations to Date ($250,000)

Estimated Funds Required $495,000

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Future Site of High School

2013-10-28 17.00.46

Ethiopia High School

The high school in Ethiopia will include at least 8 Classrooms, 3 Science Labs, Computer Lab, Library, Clinic, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Dining Hall, Soccer Field, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court and Administration Offices.

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