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8112912069_79a3b725b7_cBecome an Orphan Advocate:

Lifesong offers several different roles for Orphan Advocates including Vision Team Member, Orphan Initiative Advocate, Excellence Team Member & more. Learn more>>

Become a TFI Advocate:

Forgotten Advocates are Christ followers who desire to serve their local foster care community as an advocate/connector. Learn more>>


IMG_8873 aThere is no better way to experience Lifesong’s holistic approach to Christ centered community development and the excellence in which they serve God’s creation than to see it firsthand.  Meeting the American and Zambian staff, the children and the members of the community provides great perspective.  During my time in Kitwe, Zambia I became keenly aware that Lifesong is exceptional not just because of its extraordinary people, but because of their humility and obedience to the calling they received.  The wisdom and forward thinking of Lifesong’s board, its staff and its willingness to partner with Zambian nationals were displayed in the multifaceted approaches to orphan care, community development, and disciple making.  The emphasis on sustainability through Lifesong Farms and other sustainable business ventures was impressive to say the least. 

–Jeff Polk, Vision Team Member