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July 26, 2013

“I want him for a brother!” // Family Friday

family fridayThanks for joining us for another Family Friday. This week I invite you to meet Eddy and Carlee, who are not only a Lifesong adoptive family, but also active in a Lifesong Church Adoption Fund, Lookout for Orphans. We were blessed to partner with their family on their adoption journey to their son Kervens in Haiti. Listen in…

The biggest “God-thing” of our journey was probably when Eddy and I got back from visiting the orphanage in Haiti and meeting Kervens.  Before we left, our oldest son, age 9, had said he did not want us to adopt any children.  But upon returning, we were showing videos of the orphanage children, al 100 of them.  Out of the blue, our 9 year old picked our son, Kervens out of the crowd and yelled, “I want him for a brother!”  We had said nothing of our connection with Kervens, nor our desire to adopt him yet! 

We really can’t believe that something like Lifesong exists.  And we mean that!   We have had the privilege of being on both sides of Lifesong support.  We have been involved in starting a church adoption fund ministry called Lookout For Orphans, and we have been the beneficiaries of a matching grant to help us through our own adoption of Kervens.  Throughout both processes, we have been amazed by the godly leadership, the incredible initiative, and the fluid process that we have experienced.  God has raised up this Lifesong ministry for such a time as this — to help those along who would NEVER be able to start an adoption fund ministry is a true kingdom calling. 

–Eddy & Carlee, adoptive parents of Kervens from Haiti


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