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August 2, 2013

“God is most certainly THE multiplier!” // Family Friday

family fridayLoved to see this sweet family come across my desk and excited to share their story with you. Listen in to hear their testimony of how God provided their every need as they stepped out in faith and adopted two little girls, just shortly after their adoption of two boys. The path seemed tough financially, but God made a way…

Our two boys arrived home from the Democratic Republic of Congo in the summer of 2011, that Christmas we felt God tugging at our heart to start the adoption process again. It seemed crazy to, well, almost everybody given we had just adopted our sons, and we knew that we would need to raise a significant amount of support to complete the adoption of two more children, but God had given us a peace about that seemingly large number and we started the process again. Lifesong was the perfect avenue for fundraising and the response that God orchestrated to our fundraising letter was nothing short of incredible. The funds raised through Lifesong, along with a few other grants we received, covered our adoption expenses in their entirety. God is most certainly THE multiplier!

The option for donations to be tax-deductible was a huge blessing to us. Jane, the Family Account Manager, was great to work with, quickly responding to requests and giving us updates. We were continuously amazed at who God was working through to FULLY fund our adoption.

Lifesong is great! What a blessing to families responding to God’s call to adopt and allowing others to support their journey!

–Bobby & Maria, adoptive parents of Rya and Adia from Democratic Republic of Congo


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One Response to ““God is most certainly THE multiplier!” // Family Friday”

  1. Christina says:

    What a beautiful family!