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July 21, 2014

Adoption: Wisdom From Parents Who’ve Been There

This post is part of the Adoption Journey Series. See previous posts, “Adoption: 3 Ways to Prepare for the Journey” , “Adoption: 5 Funding Ideas that Work!” & “Adoption: 4 Ways to Thrive Once They’re Home”.

Gibson, Dax-Michelle, Family

Thanks for joining us these past weeks for our Adoption Journey Series. We’ve talked about post-adoption resources, funding options and how to thrive once they’re home. Today, listen in to some adoptive parents who have BEEN THERE. When asked to give one piece of advice that they would pass on to prospective adoptive parents, here is what some of our friends said…

“When you are weary, God will be more than enough.” – Kristen

“Our Heavenly Father is the first adoptive parent. When a question arises, please think of his love first. It will change your perspective on the question.”
– Courtney

“Don’t be discouraged by delays- while frustrating (and sometimes costly!) God is knitting your story together. He will not meet you halfway. He will carry you through the entire process. Trust in His sovereignty and rest in His grace. You may not see it right away, but His timing will be perfect.”
– Melissa 

“Let God lead you and connect with other families who are adopting. They are the ones who will help get you through the bad days and celebrate the good!! And when you get home they are an amazing support system to discuss your worries with since they share in them too.”
– Fannie 

“Adoption is the hardest and most beautiful thing that has happened in my life.  My advice: be prepared to talk to people. Many people will comment on kids, especially if they are noticeably adopted; some try to be kind/funny/sarcastic and fail, while others just try to be mean. Plan what you will answer, in kindness, in advance, so it doesn’t catch you too off guard. Try use it as a “teachable moment”. For example, a lot of people use the question, “which ones are your real children?” to ask which are biological to you. Pre-thinking of responses helps cut down on the quick anger that happens in defense.”
– Cassie

“There will be people who don’t “get it” – they will be family, close friends, other believers – don’t let them discourage you with their own doubts and fears. Then there will be people who do “get it” – they will include friends of friends, distant relatives, and total strangers – let them encourage you with their stories of painful heartache and wonderful provision, let them give to you out of their hearts that also beat for the orphan, let them cry with you and pray with you.”
– Dave

What about you? Adoptive parents, we’d love to hear  your advice you’d give to prospective adoptive parents. Please comment below…

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