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April 9, 2015

Advocates Provide New Science Labs in Ethiopia


Enjoy this update from Ethiopia Advocate, Shonda Dietz, as she reflects on a recent trip to Ethiopia with her family…

“My family recently had the privilege of spending the week at the Lifesong for Orphans’ schools in Ethiopia. We have five children (ages 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12). Our youngest and middle sons were adopted from Ethiopia so it was a joy to take them back to visit their family and homeland.

Leading up to our trip, Gary put a bug in my ear that the administrators and teachers in Ziway would love to have a hands-on science lab (a novelty in most Ethiopian schools). Solomon (the director of the three schools) talked about how growing up he always had a keen interest in science. However, they never had access to anything hands-on, learning only theory from textbooks. He desired our students to have this opportunity. 

Being a science major myself (undergraduate in Biology & post-graduate in Cytopathology), I can completely sympathize with the difficulty (if not impossibility) of learning most major science subjects without having any kind of visual demonstration or hands on practice. 

So during our trip I had the most exciting job — I got to set up the first-ever science lab at the Lifesong schools!

Thanks to the donation of several friends, we set up used microscopes, lab equipment, as well as anatomy models and posters. In addition, advocate and friend, Cacey Klein, organized a memorial run in honor of her late friend and fellow Lifesong Advocate, Holly Lutterman, which raised over $3,000 towards the science lab.  What a joy to be able to deliver and set up the supplies and equipment, and see the excitement for learning light up not only the students’ faces but also the teachers.

The majority of my time was spent with the science teachers showing them how the different equipment worked. Their excitement and eagerness was as great as the students. Every time I was in the science lab working on microscopes or equipment, the outside windows were absolutely full of 7th and 8th grade faces, hoping for an opportunity to come in and see the new equipment.  A few 8th grade boys got to take a peek at the microscopes, and it’s hard to describe just how giddy they were at getting to “touch” science, probably for the first time.    

Every time I get to visit the schools I walk away shaking my head, marveling why God sees fit to give me this front row seat to His great work, and now for the rest of my family to get to be a part of it…wow! We are truly blessed.”

Ethiopia Prayer Requests & Praises:

  • Praises: staff and teachers willing to teach and invest in these precious children
  • Prayer Requests: Pray for good health, clear vision and unity for Gary and Peg as they continue to give oversight to the work
  • Pray for Casey and Mary Beth as they prepare to move to Ethiopia. Pray for their children, the upcoming transition, and for final support raising  

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