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May 21, 2015

Can You Help?



The more Lance and Amy learned about the orphan crisis, the more convinced they became that God wanted them to adopt. They saw the need and knew it would be wrong to do nothing to help. Like many families who adopt, Lance and Amy wanted to finance the adoption on their own, but expenses mounted and the task seemed impossible. “It was not easy to share our need and ask for others to help us, yet friends and family responded generously.” God continued to impress on Lance and Amy’s hearts that He would bless those who defended the fatherless, regardless of the role they played.

With only a couple months left in their adoption process, Lance and Amy depleted their savings and believed their final option was to take out a loan to finance travel expenses to and from Colombia. God gloriously provided the opportunity for a matching grant that covered a large portion of their outstanding expenses, enabling Lance and Amy to bring two daughters into their family without the burden of additional debt.

Where are they now?

Adoption has definitely changed our family for the better. Completing an international adoption is a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking process. Through our four years of working to complete our adoptions, our family grew closer and learned to trust God in ways we had not before. Even on the hardest days, God is good and faithful.

Lance and Amy believe the biggest way God worked in their adoption was by using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. “We could not have done this on our own without the support and sacrifice of people who are for adoption who chose to partner with us to bring two teenaged sisters into our family.”

What a beautiful testimony and tribute to the providence of God! Caring for the vulnerable around the world is a natural response that springs from our own joy and gratitude to God for what He has done for us. Thanks be to God for allowing us to participate in caring for the fatherless around the world!


Help do the same for 4 other families.

Will you join us this month to help make 4 matching grants available for adopting families? This month we are raising $10,000 to help families like Lance and Amy take one step closer to their forever children.

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100% of your donation received by Lifesong will go directly to the need…helping orphans.

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