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May 4, 2015

Give the Gift of Mom


Mother’s Day represents joy and festivity. Children everywhere celebrate their mothers for the love and care they bring to the home. For one day of the year, these women whose hands are full are honored as they should be.

Except not every child has a mother. And not every mother has a child.

Mother’s Day can be yet another painful reminder to women and children that they don’t have the thing they most desire.

This Mother’s Day, please join us in giving the gift of Mom. Every little donation to adoption matching grants helps put families together.

You can bridge the financial barriers to help make adoption possible through Lifesong’s Adoption Funding tools. Join us this month to raise $10,000 for Adoption Matching Grants, helping 4 adoptive families move one step closer to their forever child.

Next year, Mother’s Day will come again and we will weep with those whose arms are empty, but it is our prayer that we will also rejoice with those whose hands are full.

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