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July 31, 2015

God Works on Winding Roads


We are a family of six and live in St. Louis, MO. We have two girls and two boys. We always desired to have a large family, and adoption has been on Jennifer’s heart forever. Over the years, we talked about adopting, but the timing of finances and life circumstances always seemed to stop us. In June, 2013, Jennifer went on a mission trip to China and came home with an even greater desire to adopt. It seemed that God was working through our whole family in making it the perfect time to begin the adoption process. We began our paperwork in August, 2013.

When we began this journey, we couldn’t imagine coming up with the huge amount of money that was needed, but we knew we had to be obedient in moving forward. It was amazing to watch God reveal His plans for our family by providing in every way!

He showed up in ways that we never expected or could even imagine!

As we began our adoption journey in August of 2013, we had a specific little boy that we felt that God was leading us to adopt. We followed his paperwork from beginning to end in hopes that we would be able to bring him home. After a roller coaster of events and emotions, we were told that another family had locked his file.  We were heartbroken, but were quickly reminded that the ultimate goal was for him to have a family and that’s exactly what he had. Just a few weeks later, on March 18, 2014, our agency called us and said they had just received a file in for a little boy that looked like he would be perfect for our family. After reviewing his file and many prayers, we accepted and locked his file. His orphanage provided few details. He was 16 months old and as precious as could be!

We were so excited, and couldn’t help but wonder if God used the other little one to move us along with our paperwork so that we would be ready for our son, now named Matthew. 

We traveled to China to bring Matthew home in September, 2014. His gotcha day was a very emotional day as he became a son and no longer would be an orphan. Matthew has embraced his new life in such an amazing way! Some of his favorite things include giving kisses, snuggling, playing outside, baths, balloons, and Elmo! (He loves to eat, too!) Matthew has the most contagious smile and loves to make us laugh! He is settling into our family as if he has always been here. He has a mama, baba, two big sisters, and a big brother that love him to pieces! 

We can’t imagine life without Matthew, and are so grateful to The Lord for giving us that gentle nudge to step out into faith and follow His lead.  We are also forever grateful to Lifesong for Orphans for assisting us financially to bring home our sweet boy. We can’t thank you enough!  


We can’t thank you enough for following God’s leading and loving the fatherless. We look forward to hearing good things about Matthew’s life!

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