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October 16, 2015

Whose Idea Was This?


We arrived home on July 11th to some wonderful friends waiting for us at the airport. After 17 hours of travel, the kids were pretty pooped and overwhelmed by the crowd who had come to greet them. I think our four children from Poland could not comprehend how so many people could love them who had never met them. That is a pretty powerful phenomenon. Any parent has experienced this, loving their children long before they first hold them in their arms. We are grateful for the hundreds of people who’ve believed with us for these children and loved them from a distance just like we have.

People ask us all the time how things are going. I’m never quite sure how to answer that … I have nothing to compare our experience to besides those we know and love who’ve gone before us and been gracious enough to share their journey. Ultimately, though, everyone’s adoption journey is unique to them. Ours is still unfolding.

In terms of God’s provision for our adoption, every time we needed funds for a deadline or expense related to wherever we were in the adoption, God came through. Literally, every time. We often didn’t have more than we needed, but we always had enough. Every time. Amy and I almost delayed adopting because we couldn’t imagine where the nearly $50K would come from to bring our four kids home … but God provided EVERY SINGLE CENT … through organizations like Lifesong; through the generosity of His people; and sometimes through extra jobs/work He provided for us to do. God’s hand was on every part of our adoption from start to finish … now if we can only figure out how to parent these precious children. 🙂

It’s definitely still an adventure and challenge, but in a different way. There’s no more paperwork (for now); we don’t wait on pins and needles for an email with fresh information; and we don’t constantly day-dream about the day we will get to all be under the same roof … all of this has been accomplished! The challenges are just different now. Thankfully, we’ve not had behavioral issues, fits of rage, nighttime issues, or things like this. My heart goes out to those of you who have dealt with much more heartbreaking and difficult children than mine have so far demonstrated themselves to be. I trust the Lord will walk walk with you as you trust Him and believe in His plan for all of you.

After all … this whole adoption thing was His idea, right?

Thank you for sharing your story, Jeff and Amy! You are absolutely right. The same God Who calls us to obey Him will provide the means to do so. God is good. Thank you for this timely reminder! 

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