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March 18, 2016

A Reason Not to Adopt? | Family Friday


I lost my job of 9 years in the middle of our process right as we were getting matched with the child we were pursuing. If it weren’t for the AMAZING Both Hands project and the matching grant we wouldn’t have this sweet boy in our arms today! God truly provided in EVERY way and HIS hand is SO clearly seen in our adoption process. I know without a doubt this was His will for our family! So grateful for everyone who contributed to make this dream come true!

Yes, every time we started to doubt because we were so financially strapped God came through. I was sweating the legal fees and upcoming travel costs when we found out that people had donated enough in our Lifesong account that was matched and we could get it sent to our agency! Even in the small things (for instance, we would have another paper due and money would be tight) I would wonder, God…really? Then lo and behold someone donated something to our yard sale or would donate some money to our account or just walk up to us in church with CASH! It was such a HUGE blessing!

I would HIGHLY encourage ANYONE with a heart for adoption to inquire about Lifesong. We never thought we would be able to afford the lengthy time out of country and the mounting bills, but through great organizations like Lifesong God provided just what we needed!

Please DON’T let money be the reason you don’t adopt!


Thank you for sharing your story, Brice and Jessica! And thank you for your testimony of obedience to God even when you didn’t know how everything would work out in the end. We rejoice with you over God’s continual and yet extraordinary faithfulness!   

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One Response to “A Reason Not to Adopt? | Family Friday”

  1. marlena m. says:

    thank you for your inspiring post. money has been the ONLY reason we haven’t proceeded with the adoption process. unfortunately, we are not members of a church. we will be submitting our application through Families First, the adoption agency that contracts with the state of Georgia. With that being said, your testimony is confirmation that we don’t need to wait any longer. due to chemotherapy several years ago, my husband and I have been unable to conceive naturally and tried IVF unsuccessfully.

    adoption is our only hope of becoming parents. we finally saved up the funds for the home study so I will be submitting our application this week. I am hopeful the funds for the legal fees will be available when needed. I yearn for a child of my own and I won’t let money be a hindrance any longer.

    thank you for your wonderfully inspiring testimony. god bless you and your family.