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April 1, 2016

While The Heart Waits | Family Friday

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Brief discussions about God’s heart for the orphans and widows began before Kirk and I were married. Before we knew what hit us, 13 years of marriage had passed and we had three biological kids running around. We began seriously wondering and praying about what role the Lord would have for us in caring for orphans.

Then on Kirk’s 36th birthday, with the candles out and a very chocolaty cake being devoured, Kirk stopped mid-bite and said, “If we are going to adopt we had better seriously start praying about this. I’m 36!” 

That was three years ago. Little did we know that the Lord would lead us to adopt from Haiti, which seems to have a very slow adoption process in human standards, and yet the most perfect timing in light of our Sovereign Lord. 

When we took that very scary first step of faith and began filling out paperwork for our home-study, we didn’t have ten extra dollars in our bank account. We felt certain that God was calling us to adopt and we knew that the Lord would provide, or close the door, if this wasn’t His plan. The heart- wrenching process of truly trusting the Lord to provide and surrender complete control to Him, has been one the most difficult experiences we have walked through. Lifesong’s matching grant was not only an answer to prayer and a huge blessing to our adoption process, but also a direct affirmation from the Lord that He knew our needs, heard our prayers, and that we could trust Him to provide for this adoption.

Again and again the Lord has provided in ways we could have never imagined, through Lifesong and dear friends who have blessed us beyond belief as they gave towards our adoption through our matching grant.  

We continue to trust the Lord for His perfect timing as we wait for our daughter to come home. This process has been indescribably amazing, beautiful, knock-me-off-my-feet-hard, and oh so painful, all at the same time, most days. The Lord has been so gracious, kind, and tender especially in this very long season of waiting. 

There has never been a time in our lives when our faith has grown more and we would choose this path all again because of it.


Thank you for sharing your story, Kirk and Jill! We will continue to pray for you as you wait for your daughter. Thank you for speaking so candidly (and encouragingly!) about what God is teaching you as you wait.  

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