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July 15, 2016

Breakdowns, Breakthroughs, and Joy | Family Friday

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Adoption is a journey, but the steps and the destination are known by your Heavenly Father Who will sovereignly lead you to the child of His choosing in His time. Joe and Leah tell their story–

It was a long, rough road, and when we started we had no idea. Shortly after receiving and accepting the referral for our daughter, we received several email from the Department of Justice (and a bunch of other frantic, hopeful adoptive parents). The head of our agency was indicted and the whole operation was being shut down. What about our little girl?! Who would fight for her if we didn’t?

After weeks of praying, emailing, and phone calls, we were blessed to be able to transfer her, and us, to another agency. Our case was handled with extra scrutiny and after 2 years of fighting and waiting … having break-throughs and break-downs, we were able to bring her home.

If you are meant to bring a particular child into your home, it will happen. Nothing and no one can change what God has planned.

The involvement of Lifesong helped us with the fight. We lost a lot of money because of our first agency. We knew if we didn’t step up, Tess would have been stuck in a system that would not have favored her. Fundraising with a matching grant allowed us to move forward in our journey financially.

It amazes me now that she is home and has been bonding with us: God’s timing is perfect. Two years of hitting emotional extremes and always wanting things to move now, we have learned to be patient. He was preparing us, and her, through this process.

Perhaps not just for adoption, but maybe something more…


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