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August 1, 2016

Water Is Life | Liberia Update

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A New Venture for Lifesong Liberia.

20160304_150129_resizedLifesong Liberia has started a new business! A new venture named Lifesong Water was recently launched in Monrovia, where there is great need for purified drinking water. Lifesong Water is helping meet that need, while providing production and marketing training for some of our kids. As this project grows, it will become a sustainable business for us.

We are hopeful that this business will continue to grow and will lead to more sustainability for Lifesong Liberia in the future.

20160304_150031_resizedWater from city wells is purified and then packaged into small plastic bags. The bags are further packaged into larger sacks, which are sold to schools, churches and other businesses. Several of our students are involved in production three days each week and others are learning accounting practices, as they track sales and inventory. This project has already shown a profit, and is particularly valuable during the dry season, when the demand for clean and affordable drinking water increases. Start-up funds were generously provided by RetailROI, as part of our vocational program, which we greatly appreciate!

Please pray with us that Lifesong Water would be a long-term success. We desire that our children learn the value of hard work, dependability and excellence in business.


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2 Responses to “Water Is Life | Liberia Update”

  1. James Gapinski says:

    We are planning a trip to Monrovia in October, 2016. We would like to visit this ministry and project. Could we have some names and contact information? Yes, drinking water is very important in all parts of the world. We would really like to visit and see what the students are doing. Our base is at the Bethesda Mission School on Robertsville Highway as you enter Mnrovia from the airport. Thank you and God Bless You.

  2. Trisha Priebe says:

    Thank you for your note, James. I will pass it along to the team and someone will be in touch. –Trisha