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January 16, 2017

Today Is a Big Day in Zambia!

Zambia-headerZambia Students

Nervous energy and new uniforms signal a very important event: 400 students at Lifesong Zambia go back to school today.

We are excited about this year for several reasons. First, the new uniforms are sky blue instead of green. Second, this year marks our first year having a Grade 12 class graduating! Finally, this year marks 10 years Lifesong School has been here in Zambia. 10 years! God’s continued goodness is truly astounding.

Our hope for this year is that we continue living out our mission of bringing joy and purpose to orphans and vulnerable children by discipling future leaders of Zambia through Biblical truth and educational excellence.
— Skip Stallings, Lifesong Zambia staff

Another example of God’s kindness?–This past year, every single one of the Grade 7 students passed their exams! This is the direct result of disciplined study, dedicated teaching, and the daily prayers of people around the world. The students did extremely well, and we are thrilled for them. Last week they were all able to move into boarding as Grade 8 students–a joyful, long-awaited day!

Zambia Students 2

Grade 9 students also did well, but this year’s exam seemed harder than previous years, and as a result scores throughout the country were lower. The majority of our students will move on, but some will retake the exam this year. We’ll spend time reinforcing and reviewing. Isn’t that how God in His kindness teaches us?—using life events to reinforce and review important lessons in our lives?

God teaches teachers, too.

God continues to teach the Lifesong Zambia team in a myriad of little examples to trust Him fully. One recent example involved a secondary student approaching staff member Skip Stallings to ask for piecework. Typically when the kids ask for piecework it is to earn money to buy new clothes or shoes for themselves or just to have money to save. This time, however, when Skip asked the student why she needed the work, the answer was different–

Zambia GirlsThere’s a girl in Grade 1 who is struggling. She lives with her grandmother who has a hard time keeping their home. I want to work to buy her new school shoes and a uniform.

This secondary student has taken the Grade 1 student–of no relation–under her wing and is looking out for her. This “little” (yet hugely impactful) action is a selfless example of the type of Christlike love witnessed throughout the student body. It’s seen in the way William looks out for his brother, Richard, who has a lame hand and needs assistance with daily tasks. It’s seen in the way people like Auntie Dru, once a missionary in Zambia, love the children enough to visit and gift the school with a delicious chicken lunch. And it’s seen in the way the kids loved spending time with her–performing the songs and dances they had prepared specifically for her visit.

Lifesong Zambia

Finally, the love of Christ is demonstrated clearly in the way YOU love and pray for Lifesong Zambia. Thank you for your commitment to take these dear students and staff members before the Throne of Grace. We pray this is a year of extraordinary growth physically, mentally, and spiritually. God is able!

Thank you for praying for the work in Zambia.





2 Responses to “Today Is a Big Day in Zambia!”

  1. Richard Nelson says:

    May God’s rich blessings be evident in staff and students as he pours out His love and miracles throughout 2017. Let me know when you get the next two housing units complete.

  2. Steve Nelson says:

    Great report from Zambia. We are grateful to be partnered with LifeSong, and the good people that LifeSong is teamed up with, who are making such a difference in lives and communities around the world! Thanks be to God-