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January 9, 2017

A Powerful Story of 2 Children: OpenArms Haiti

Come with us to Haiti.

Haiti is considered the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. More than 90,000 children lack education, medical care, and nutrition. Worse still, many children have been orphaned.

Meet Olgens and Easlan. “We live here,” says Olgens. “This is Haiti. We will show you.”

Observe the unspoiled landscapes and the busy market where locals barter in tiny stalls for daily needs, transporting brightly woven baskets on their heads. Visit the school in Tityanen where at least 40 students squeeze into a classroom lacking books or technology.

easlan-olgans-circle“We had a big earthquake. There were more people before the earthquake.” Easlan

Olgens and Easlan live in Bercy. They occupy a tiny tent and fill their stomachs with mud cookies to stave off the hunger pains. Bercy’s only hospital was closed after the last earthquake. It now stands as a shell of what once existed.

Olgens and Easlan represent God’s goodness. The children of Haiti are resilient–even amid the devastation. They have many of the same hopes and dreams of kids who can afford them. Olgens wants to be an engineer and Easlan wants to become a doctor.


OpenArms Haiti

Plans for OpenArms Haiti

God has graciously opened the door for Lifesong OpenArms Bercy Campus. It’s hard not to get excited when listening to directors Mike and Amy Rivas talk about the farm, the soccer field, Student Life Center, and school. It’s nearly impossible not to feel their joy over the family-style housing intended to put loving parents back into the lives of children in need.

Olgens and Easlan–along with thousands of children in Haiti–have suffered deep loss that can never be undone, but the last chapters have yet to be written. We believe YOU can be part of their story.

For now, the power tools are buzzing and the cement is being poured. And God’s people are praying–making requests on behalf of this project and these children. By God’s grace Olgens and Easlan–and dozens of their friends–will soon receive more food, education, medical care, and love.


Join Us on a Vision Team

We are planning our 2017 Vision Teams to introduce faithful supporters to what God is doing at OpenArms Haiti as well as other projects around the world. Click here to see dates of travel. Our goal is to allow small teams to see first-hand the schools, children’s homes, sustainable business projects, and local villages.

God is faithful, and we look forward to seeing how He will continue to bless the people of Haiti!

Interested in taking or joining a team to Haiti?




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