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January 6, 2017

Redefining Retirement: God’s Adoption Plan for Our Family

family friday

We were overjoyed here at Lifesong to receive this letter from an adoptive family who brought their child home in November–

Dear Lifesong family,

Roy and I would like to personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for awarding our family a matching grant for our daughter Rebekah’s adoption from Chongqing, China. As first-time adoptive parents, our calling came at the ages of 52 and 48, a season when many Americans dream of their upcoming retirement. In obedience to the call, we moved forward, despite little financial reserves and several set-backs.

God did not call us to build up barns and store up earthly treasures for leisure, but to pour out our lives for Him bringing the Gospel to the least of these.

In our case, God called us to bring the Gospel to a little 21-month-old girl with a significant hearing impairment in an orphanage over 7,000 miles away in China. The financial need–before we could travel to adopt Rebekah–was over $12,000. In God’s perfect timing, your grant was awarded, just as a generous donor stepped forward. The grant was fully matched, and we were able to travel to China within a few weeks.

Family Friday

Rebekah was adopted November 16, 2016, in Chongqing, China. She is bonding with us and is transitioning well. Her medical needs are now being addressed, and we are overjoyed that she attended church with us for the first time the Sunday before Christmas.


Thank you for being a significant part of our daughter Rebekah’s life and for being God’s hands and feet in directly helping bring her home.

Thank you for helping Rebekah, not just to receive her needed medical care, but first and foremost, to be able to learn of her Heavenly Father and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!
Roy and Sarah

Roy and Sarah, thank YOU for challenging the status quo and redefining retirement. Your investment of time, love, and resources into little Rebekah’s life will yield dividends immeasurable by human standards. Thank you for valuing obedience to God above everything else. We look forward to watching Rebekah grow and thrive in your family.


YOU are integral to the story. Thank you.

Start an adoption fund at your church

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4 Responses to “Redefining Retirement: God’s Adoption Plan for Our Family”

  1. Joan says:

    How are retirement age adoptions initiated and with whom?

  2. Brandon Perry says:

    Love reading this post. And I believe with what you wrote and are doing by example you are showing us what the founders had in mind with the real American Dream, living a life bigger than yourself for a higher purpose. Enjoy your adoption journey!

  3. Sheila says:

    Totally get it! #fourless

  4. Hello Family,

    We celebrate with you the joy of having little Rebekah. She is a precious gift from God. May God continue to bless you and your family as you allow him to direct your steps.


    Marvin & Mary