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April 14, 2017

How Easter Changes Everything About YOUR Story

how easter changes everything

It’s one of the great mysteries of Christianity in Western culture–that we devote months to Christmas and only a weekend (at most!) to Easter.

When we read the account of Christ’s death–arguably the most horrific event in human history–we hear Him weep in Gethsemane, watch Him suffer in Roman custody, follow Him on His excruciating trip to Golgotha, witness His unfaltering commitment as He is brutally nailed to the Cross, listen as He forgives the thief beside Him, and see Him ultimately die for our sins in the greatest act of compassion ever shown to humanity.

We can’t wait–for His sake and for ours–to get to the resurrection morning. We want to see Christ victorious.

But–if we’re honest–this year, the whole weekend could be here and gone without us stopping to ponder what it truly means for our story–how the action of Jesus to die and then conquer death actually motivates us to do anything and everything good that we do. In reality, Easter is the defining moment for every child of God.

3 ways Easter changes everything about YOUR story–

1. Easter accomplishes salvation. Without the resurrection of Christ from the dead, we have no ability to obtain salvation or relationship with God. Because Christ died and rose again, we can obtain fellowship with Him. And we can take the Good News of Jesus Christ to others who need Him, too. Without the resurrection, we have no reason to take mission trips or build churches or have Bible clubs.

2. Easter gives life. Without Easter, what hope do we have that the painful details of this life are temporary? Without Easter, this life (with its drought, starvation, disaster, and death) is the best thing we have. For those who know Christ as Savior, there is coming a day when our glorified bodies will match His resurrected body. Sin will be no more, Ebola will no longer be a threat, and grief will be missing from the language of Heaven. Human death poses no eternal threat to the child of God.

3. Easter promises hope. 147-210 million orphans need hope. Thousands of children coming in and out of foster care need dignity and comfort. Millions of vulnerable kids around the world need the compassion and intervention of loving adults. Where do we find hope amid the mess? Easter. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul (Hebrews 6:19). Because of Easter, Jesus is the greatest hope for every hurting heart.

So as we observe the events of this weekend, let’s see it as the ultimate game changer. We gather, we serve, we love, we care, we devote, we reach … we visit the orphans and widows in their distress and keep ourselves unstained by the world (James 1:27) because of Easter.

In very real ways, Easter changes everything.

This Easter, help create families.


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