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June 19, 2017

Why Dads Are Vitally Important to Orphan Care


It’s no secret that the orphan care space is dominated by women.

God has created women to be nurturers, and many are doing good work nurturing vulnerable children. But God has called men to a specific task as well–to protect and provide for our families and to help father the fatherless children in our midst.

In May, a group of dads gathered at CAFO2017 to discuss their role. Specifically, they answered the who, what, how, and why of men in orphan care. Here are some highlights–

The Who

“Why are men important in orphan care? You’re the spiritual leader of your home, and this is a spiritual crisis. 340,000 children in foster care is a crisis of epic proportions.” –Scott Lundy, Arrow Child & Family Ministries

The What

“I had a watershed moment where God dealt with me, saying, ‘J.T. what’s important in life? What’s not going to rust? What’s not going to burn up? And what’s not going to blow away?’ –the life of a child. Not your little pitiful IRA.” –JT Olson, Founder & Executive Director, Both Hands

What’s wrong with using your life savings to save a life? –JT Olson

Be brave enough to stand up and fight for justice. Never stop learning, and be humble enough to change your trajectory.” –Mark Stuart, Hands & Feet Project, Co-founder of Audio Adrenaline

The How

“Here’s an action step we all can take. I would like to encourage us to consider partnering our men’s ministries with the local social services. They are working hard, but they cannot solve this issue by themselves. There is only one organization that can solve the orphan crisis in our community and around the world—that is the church, the Body of Christ.” –DJ Jordan, U.S. Senate Congressional Aide and VA State Board of Social Services 

“Go to your church and wrap around families who have adopted.” –JT Olson

The Why

“We’re built to fight. We’re called to fight for justice for kids. However, many of us substitute things like sports, television, or gaming because there’s a void in our life when it comes to something to fight for.” –Mark Stuart, Hands & Feet Project, Co-founder of Audio Adrenaline
*Listen to the full discussion by choosing Men, Calling and the Fatherless here.

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