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October 6, 2017

Adopting Family, Don’t Lose Heart | Family Friday


Adoption is a hard road.

That said, every minute–every moment–is WORTH IT.

But every story is unique and this is ours.

I had just had surgery and was struggling with complications. I was at an extreme low, trying to figure out how to continue with my new life. Adoption was no longer on the forefront of my mind, as it had been day and night for 3 years. Post-surgery, 7 days later, we got our phone call … a baby girl had been born, we were chosen to be her family, and she was waiting for us!


This is what God had been waiting for. THIS was our plan unfolding, and He was watching in awe. This was HIS plan.


A few weeks later, someone (who knew the struggles and complications I had been going through after surgery) asked, “Do you feel like you could have said NO to Maya?” I thought about this, realizing it was a valid question, and answered, “She saved me.”

It was in that moment I could feel God smiling. Life is bigger than ourselves.

God had us in every moment, every step, every thought. She is our beauty, our girl, our blessing, because of a great God Who wants us to live a good story.

Adopting or adoptive family, the same is true for you.
God has YOU in His thoughts at all times, in every step, and in every bend of the road.
Don’t lose heart.


Thank you for sharing your story. His timing is truly better than anything we could choose for ourselves.  

Be God’s answer to a child in need.


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One Response to “Adopting Family, Don’t Lose Heart | Family Friday”

  1. JACKIE BULL says:

    My daughter is currently in the process of adopting a child. She has had an appointment with a lawyer, but this process is beginning to look like it will be very expensive for her. She is single and wants nothing more than to be a mother. She has a very good job as a Nurse coordinator in a pediatric hospital, so her income will be able to support her and her child. However, getting to the point of adoption is proving to be quite expensive. Is there anything she can do to get financial assistance during her process? We had a benefit rummage for her, is there any matching funds for that? The Sioux Falls Catholic diocese does not offer assistance for adoption. Her employer offers $5000 after the adoption is complete. She has had all of her background checks done and her home visit is this coming Friday, October 20. Please let me know if there’s anything you can do to offer financial assistance or any suggestions you could offer us. SHE WILL BE THE BEST MOMMY EVER!