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January 12, 2018

Did God Really Tell You to Adopt? | Family Friday

2 years. So much can happen in that time period, and yet it can also feel excruciatingly, hopelessly slow.

3 fundraisers, dozens of grant applications filed, innumerable nights and days of pleading, agonizing prayers. 2 adoption fall-throughs. These are just a handful of the things we experienced on our journey of domestic adoption.

Our family finished our home study and began waiting for that phone call from our agency on June 1, 2015. We were brimming with hope and confident about the calling we had felt from God to pursue domestic adoption. As we began the process of adding to our family, our biggest fear was finances.

And so, with our home study complete, I feverishly began filling out grant applications and exploring every possible avenue to save money and raise funds. My husband took a second job, we sold everything we could get our hands on (including many things donated to us by others!), and we even dog sat.

As big as our fears were, God proved over and over again that He was bigger.

Through grants, fundraisers, and God’s sovereign provision, our family raised over $18,000 and was fully funded by November 2015–only five months later! Encouraged and emboldened by God’s miraculous provision, we were certain our family of three would quickly grow and our adoption would soon be complete.

Did God really tell you to adopt?

With our financial fears alleviated, our hope exploded and our hearts soared. And then a month went by. And another. The holidays came and went. And six months of waiting turned into a year, and a year turned into eighteen months. Our fears were no longer about finances; instead we began to wonder if anyone would ever choose us. What if we had picked the wrong adoption agency? Did God really tell us to adopt?

The enemy so desperately wants to prevent adoption. It is, after all, redemptive in nature. It is an earthly example of God’s adoption of us, and our enemy will use any means possible to prevent us from completing adoptions.

He will creep in and whisper those lies in our ears, such as, “Why would anyone pick you? You’re not good enough. Did God really tell you to adopt?” As we wrestled with these doubts throughout our waiting, my husband and I came back time and again to how faithful God was in providing for our financial needs. Without these miraculous provisions and examples of His faithfulness, I am not sure we would have survived the waiting process. Thank God we did, as our lives changed in a way only God could orchestrate.

Worth the wait

3 weeks. It seems like a relatively short amount of time when you compare it to 2 years of waiting. But a lot can happen in 3 brief weeks.

A phone call. A lunch meeting. Another lunch meeting. And then a long drive to a hospital, uncertain if it would really be our turn.

In January 2017 we met our amazing, strong, brave birthmom. On February 8, 2017–2 days after his birth–our little 4 pound, 11 ounce miracle joined our family. We named him Levi Amadeus Daniel, which essentially means joined by God’s love. As Levi has become permanently and irrevocably joined to our earthly family, we pray that one day he will also join our spiritual family as we teach him about God’s love, and the miraculous ways God provided for us on the long, costly, difficult journey of adding him to our family.

Thank you for being a part of that provision for us. You helped meet our financial needs, but–more importantly–you met our spiritual needs. God proved Himself faithful through YOU, and I’m not sure we would have had the resolve to complete this journey on our own.

Thank you for sharing your story and for reminding us that God is at work in the waiting. Waiting isn’t just about “getting what we’re waiting for”–it’s also about what we become while we wait.

Every waiting child deserves a family.


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2 Responses to “Did God Really Tell You to Adopt? | Family Friday”

  1. Carmen says:


    I am 33 years of age and would love to adopt.
    I’m reciding in the Western province.