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February 23, 2018

The Power of Prayer in Adoption | Family Friday

Our adoption journey is marked by so many accounts that can only be explained by God’s hand working in our adoption.

The main detail that is such a huge part of the story God is writing through our son, Steele, is that the same day that we emailed our agency to ask if Steele was available for adoption was the same day that China prepared a file for him to become available for adoption.

We learned about Steele through our agency’s website as they had a program to support some orphans in China who were unlikely to be adopted and who came from very hard places. Steele was one of those sweet children, and his picture was on our agency’s website.

Later, we built a relationship with a young woman who works for our agency. In talking to her, we learned that she had spent several weeks in China caring for Steele even before we knew of him. She was so faithful to pray for Steele to have a file created and to have a family.

After comparing dates and notes, we discovered that she had written a prayer in a journal for Steele to have a forever family–and that prayer’s date was the SAME date as our application to the China program at our agency.

We knew the Lord was leading us to adopt, but the finances were a significant factor to consider. Ultimately, we knew that if the Lord was calling us to this, He would provide. There have been so many individuals, families, and grant organizations that have given so generously. It has completely blown us away that others would sacrificially give to a child they don’t know, and for some, may never know. We are so encouraged by organizations like Lifesong who serve families such as ours expecting nothing in return. It is overwhelming seeing the world changed … one child at a time.


We praise God for how he so clearly worked in your adoption of little Steele, and we continue to pray with you that God would supply his (and your!) every need as he adjusts to life in the United States … in a FAMILY. Steele has BIG potential for the glory of God, and we look forward to watching his story continue to unfold.

Every waiting child deserves a family.


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