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January 14, 2015

Ways to Use Your Adoption Fund

It is our joy to partner with over 340 churches and ministries in 42 states across the United States as we help administer their Adoption Funds. As you may know, Adoption Funds typically have been a resource for adoptive families to help bridge the financial barrier of adoption through creative adoption funding. And while that is still a primary function of our Adoption Funds, we have seen churches wanting to go beyond adoption and use their funds to help families around the world. Ways You Can Use Your Adoption Adoption Adoption Funding – giving adoption funding (grants and/or interest free loans) to couples in your church  Outside the Walls – financially supporting adoptive families beyond your church — families from your city or state Adoption Without Borders – helping Ukraine Christian couples adopt indigenously through adoption funding Post Adoption Support – providing the cost to give post-adoption counseling to transitioning and struggling adoptive families Orphan Care Partnership … Continue reading

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December 12, 2014

The Puzzle Piece We Didn’t Know Was Missing {Family Friday}

In May of 2013 my husband and I received a phone call from a friend asking if we would be interested in pursuing a private adoption with a couple who was pregnant with a baby girl due in November 2013. We were elated and blown away that God was opening the doors for us to adopt again and provide a sibling for our (then) 3 year old son, Gavin. We made preparations, shared our news with family and friends and began excitedly purchasing baby girl items. But a few weeks before the birth mom’s due date, she abruptly stopped communicating with us and we never heard from her again. We could only assume she chose to parent, yet we were heartbroken. I spent many nights that early winter crying out to God and asking Him where He was in this. Why would He have set my heart upon a little … Continue reading

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December 3, 2014

Outside the Walls Breaks $500,000 in 2014!

We can’t help but share our excitement as we rejoice in thankfulness for the $500,000+ of adoption funding given by fund partners to Christian families by reaching Outside the Walls this year! As many of you know, Outside the Walls is a growing group of our Adoption Funds willing to help meet the financial needs of adoptive families “outside the walls” of their local church, community, and even state!  Since inception, Outside the Walls has partnered with 56 Adoption Funds to help 553 families, giving over $2,000,000 in grants and loans from a beautiful heart of adoption! Join us in blessing and thanking God for taking care of these forever families through our generous Adoption Funds! If you are interested in learning more about Outside the Walls, feel free to visit our website.

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October 31, 2014

“God was preparing our hearts” {Family Friday}

Every adoption story is unique and every orphan has their own story how they were birthed into their forever family; however, we know there is only one author.  We entered into our adoption journey in 2010 when Dwan began to be burdened by the fact that there are millions of children in the world today with no family, no advocate and a very dim future.    She brought this to me and I began to pray about the idea.  I wish that I could say that I jumped feet first into this, but I wasn’t quite there yet.  After all we had four kids already.  I began to pray hard about adoption and asked God to show me whether we were to adopt and as I prayed and studied God’s word I became more and more convinced by the fact that God was calling us to care for the fatherless.  … Continue reading

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October 24, 2014

“God’s timing was perfect!” {Family Friday}

We have always wanted a large family, and in 2009 we began the journey to starting a family. We soon became pregnant, and at 20 weeks our perfectly normal pregnancy turned into anything but normal when we discovered some significant health problems with our baby. Our son, Patrick is a fighter and has had quite a journey. We know that it was God who carried us through those hard times and brought healing to Patrick and to us. When we found out that our genetics would mean a high chance of serious health issues for any future biological children, we knew that God would use adoption to grow our family. The week we received our grant from Lifesong was a roller coaster. On Monday, our son, Patrick had a surgery to close up the final evidence of his medical struggles – the hole where his trach had been. On Tuesday, … Continue reading

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October 17, 2014

“The EXACT amount we needed” {Family Friday}

We wanted to write and share our story as well as thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant that you provided to our family. We run a ministry full time and because of that, did not have the resources to adopt. However, we felt the Lord calling us to adopt and because He had taught us to make “every decision in light of HIS WILL and NOT the financial barrier”, we decided to step out in faith, trusting He would make a way somehow. A fews year before, we had adopted, but at that time my husband made a good salary and we were able to pay for our adoption in full. I would share with people who would comment that if it weren’t for the financial barrier they would adopt about how money shouldn’t be a reason not to adopt because “God would provide”. Though I … Continue reading

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October 10, 2014

Celebrating Olivia’s “Referralversary” {Family Friday}

Two years ago we got “the call” or in our case the e-mail… After a night without sleep and a morning full of tears, we finally saw our daughter’s face.  Today, I had to actually look back on the blog to make sure it had only been two years since we got that email.  It truly seems like forever that Olivia has been ours. Olivia and I celebrated her special day with a trip to our favorite “Target” where mommy caved and bought her a bunny who drinks from a bottle.  (we applaud any form of nurturing here since that doesn’t come naturally to our sweetie).  She may have also indulged in a blue slushie and popcorn before we met daddy for a noodle lunch (shhhhh…..) I am not one to get overly emotional but, over lunch as Brad and I talked about how far our baby girl has come, the magnitude … Continue reading

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