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September 16, 2013

Lydia’s Dream // Ethiopia Child Sponsorship

Lydia Seifu may be small, but she has a heart to make a BIG difference for the people of Ethiopia. She dreams of helping children in her parent’s homeland of Ethiopia have a better life and a successful future. We are teaming up with Lydia and her family to make her dream a reality. She will be traveling to Adami Tulu and Ziway, Ethiopia later this year to do a mini soccer camp for our kids. 291 of the students she will be interacting and encouraging to at our school are unsponsored. Will you help fulfill Lydia’s dream by sponsoring a child or donating to this wonderful cause in Ethiopia? Each $19 per month sponsorship provides education, 2 nutritious meals each school day and hope to break the cycle of poverty. Sponsor a child One Time Donation  

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August 26, 2013

Pouring into Students // Lifesong Ethiopia

Please enjoy this update from Lifesong Ethiopia Directors, Gary & Peggy Ifft… As God continues to expand the work here in Ziway and Adami Tulu, we often get caught up with all the construction activity, government relations, and all the red tape stuff of holding this runaway train together. That’s why we try to balance those items out with other significant events going on here with regard to other parts of our ministry, which include evangelism, teaching Christian values to our students, and care for orphans and vulnerable children. We are not allowed to teach Christianity in our classrooms and must adhere to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. However, we do utilize any time outside the classroom for spiritual activities. For example, at the flagpole each school morning, in addition to singing the Ethiopian national anthem, the student body hears a Bible reading, a devotion, a prayer, and … Continue reading

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August 7, 2013

Businesses Giving Back

Coming off of our Be a Light summer blog series, you may feel like you were drinking from a fire hydrant. We shared all kinds of information, resources, books and links that may have left you thinking…“Well, what does being a light look like for ME?” And that is a good question; one that need to be prayed through, thought out and discussed. It will look different for each of us and that’s ok. Sometimes in our own journey, it’s helpful to have examples that can guide us in what it looks like to be a light. With that theme still in mind, I thought it would be great to share with you one of our Orphan Advocates who is amazing example of someone who is being  light to children in need through their business. I don’t highlight him to lift him up or put his family and business on a pedestal, … Continue reading

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July 8, 2013

“It takes so little to help” // Lifesong Ethiopia

We invite you to share a word of encouragement to our staff at Lifesong Ethiopia. To do so, please comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall and it will be forwarded to our staff. Thank you in advance for your kind words of support! Please enjoy this update from the hearts of Casey & Mary Beth Picker, Lifesong Ethiopia Advocates, who are visiting in-country this summer… We went to the Adami Tulu school to help organize the grain distribution for the poorer school families.  Before we came, Peggy, Seble, and Temesgen had determined which families were most in need of help during the upcoming school break.  Since the students receive two meals during the school day, many of them can really suffer when there is no school and no school meals.  Enough wheat, corn, and aterkek (a kind of lentil) were purchased for 132 families in Adami Tulu.  We spent most of the day … Continue reading

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May 22, 2013

Education: Foundation for the Future

The commitment to provide a quality education to every child we serve is just one of our four pledges we make to “our” kids. We believe that education is a foundation for the future. YOUR SPONSORSHIP MATTERS… Mesaye’s story of hope in the midst of tragedy is just one of many. Thankfully, she is receiving an education and hope for the future because of her sponsor. But the impact goes even beyond Mesaye! Her grandmother, who has no means of providing for her schooling, is now able to witness Mesaye’s growth and trust in her future legacy. Sponsors support a child like Mesaye with quality education, 2 meals a day and exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for only $19/month! When you sponsor a child, you impact a family! To sponsor a child, click here. (100% of sponsorship received goes directly to the need — helping children! No administrative … Continue reading

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May 15, 2013

Your Sponsorship Matters. 50 kids by May 31st!

  Your sponsorship matters. Without advocates like you, Mesaye would not be able to go to school. Mesaye came to live with her grandmother, Yenenesh, when her mother died six months after she was born. Yenenesh knows that it is because of sponsors, her granddaughter is able to attend school at the Lifesong school in Ziway, Ethiopia. We are asking you to sponsor one of 50 children by May 31st! For only $19/month your sponsorship provides quality education, 2 nutritious meals each school day and Christian discipleship for one child in Ethiopia. 100% of the donation received by Lifesong goes to the sponsorship of your child. Your sponsorship matters, go to  Sponsor a child today

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May 8, 2013

Why Sponsorship? A Mother’s Perspective…

I’m excited to have guest blogger, adoptive-mama & Ethiopia Advocate, Mary Beth Picker, share in a special Mother’s Day post. Her family is actively involved in the Lifesong Ethiopia Child Sponsorship Program and plan to travel to Lifesong Ethiopia this summer for several months.  Enjoy… The first time I traveled to Ethiopia, I wasn’t traveling as a tourist or a missionary or a philanthropist, I was traveling as a mother.   So when the heights of Addis Ababa broke through the clouds and I peered through the airplane window to get my first view of Africa, I wasn’t thinking of a land or a people.  I was thinking about my son.  He was there . . . somewhere.  A little six-month-old baby who was legally my child and who needed me desperately.  I was there to become “Momma” to him.   But when I left Ethiopia after my first trip in 2009, … Continue reading

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