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April 25, 2016

Tie and Dye and Other Fun Skills | Liberia Update

Enjoy this update from our Liberia team– Energy. Excitement. Learning. Life skills. Lifesong Liberia’s vocational training is in high gear! Since its inception last summer, our vocational program has focused on practical instruction in several areas of study, including basic computer skills, tie and dye, and interior decoration. Students in the tie and dye class learned how colors blend and the intricacies of many different designs. They were thrilled to be able to sell some of their dyed shirts and other items! The interior design group learned various techniques for party decorations, including balloon bouquets and flower arranging. They also created woven placemats and other decorative items for the home. We have moved into several new areas of classes and hands-on training.  The girls have been studying cosmetology, hair care, and design. This is a very popular class! They are enjoying practicing on each other, and learning skills they will always … Continue reading

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January 25, 2016

How God Is Shaping Leaders out of Children

Enjoy this update from our Liberia team– As our kids reach their teen years, they are taking on responsibilities in the homes, at school, and at church.  Several of them have participated in mentoring and leadership training, where they are learning that they can make a difference in their culture as they take advantage of the opportunities they have. These teens are becoming role models for the younger kids. We got to hear young Andrew give the sermon as part of the Orphan Sunday celebration, speaking to a large crowd who had gathered for the occasion. His dream is to become a pastor, evangelist, or an international worker. Grace develops choreography and teaches it to the dance team.      Hans plays the drums during worship, and Garmai is the youth choir director.     Samuel and Abraham are responsible for the libraries. Justina, Mamie, and several other girls help … Continue reading

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October 27, 2015

Life Skills 101 | Liberia Update

 Please enjoy this update from our team in Liberia … We are excited to announce that vocational training has begun at Lifesong Liberia! Thirty-one of our oldest kids from both homes have participated in computer training recently. They learned basic skills and have greatly improved their keyboarding ability. The students also enjoyed creating and printing documents. Eight of them, who have shown more interest and aptitude, will be continuing their studies in the computer program. They will also be functioning as “teacher aides” in the computer lab.  Several new areas of training are set to begin soon.  The children will be taught interior decorating skills, such as floral and jewelry design. They will also be learning about textile design, including tie-dye and other fabric design techniques. Each program is geared to include lots of hands-on experience and is directed by knowledgeable instructors. All of these programs will enhance the cognitive … Continue reading

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August 4, 2015

Book It! {Liberia Update}

Please enjoy this update from Liberia… Sometimes it takes a while, but dreams do come true! Libraries at the Rehab and Marshall homes are open! Through the efforts of many generous donors, and in spite of unforeseen delays, all the children at both homes now have regular access to more books than they have ever seen in one place. We are hoping to continue to build on this foundation, and to instill a greater love of learning in all of our children.  We know that a good education is critical to giving our children the opportunity to be successful and productive adults.  These libraries allow the kids to explore worlds beyond their experience while improving their reading and comprehension skills.  The libraries are used for individual study as well as recreational reading. They also provide valuable resources for the classroom teachers, from textbooks and fiction to maps and other study aids.   Our … Continue reading

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April 22, 2015

Back to School After Ebola Crisis!

Please enjoy this update from Liberia…  “The bell rings and the children come running to stand in line, say the pledge and start the school day. An ordinary event that takes place all over the world…but one that has not been so ordinary after all in West Africa. After months of being closed as part of efforts to stop the spread of Ebola, schools in Liberia are up and running again, including ours! Classrooms have been painted, the children have new uniforms, shoes and backpacks and teachers are once again in front of their students. The opening of schools is a huge indicator of a new spirit of hope as well as a sense of life slowly returning to ‘normal” as the Ebola crisis eases.   Students and teachers alike have had to adjust to being back in the classroom after so many months. The first period tests were given … Continue reading

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March 18, 2015

Giving HOPE in Ebola’s Aftermath

“We have a new family and a new home and we are now back in school!”-Famatta, child from New Hope Children’s Home  Ebola. The deadly virus that prowled West Africa last year, dominating the news and our newsfeeds. In Liberia alone, taking the lives of over 4,000, and leaving in it’s wake sons and daughters to be orphaned and alone.   Meet three of those children: Famatta (14), Olbed (13) and Delight (8), son and daughters of George and Oretha Kanwah, whose lives were taken by the Ebola virus.  In response to this catastrophe, our staff in Liberia has established New Hope Children’s Home, a home to not only provide shelter for 10 children orphaned by the Ebola virus, but also to give caregiver jobs to Ebola survivors. Fametta graciously shares the devastation they have saw and felt, and of the hope that is slowly shining through… My father got … Continue reading

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January 26, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings {Liberia Update}

  Please enjoy this update from Liberia… “The air is filled with excitement and energy at both our homes in Liberia this month.  We are deeply thankful the Ebola situation has greatly improved, and that none of our children or staff were affected.  How we praise God for his mercy and grace!    SCHOOL – We are happy that schools all across Liberia will be opening on February 3rd for the first time since summer break!  Our new uniforms are ready, and teachers and staff are busy making preparations.  It will be good to get back to our regular classroom sessions, as well as welcome our friends from the community back to campus. With the opening of school, we will also be able to fill the bookshelves in our new libraries at both homes.   GARDENS  – All of the kids at Marshall have been helping on our agricultural project. We … Continue reading

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