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June 7, 2016

Why Education Is Serious Joy | Zambia Update

Recently, a small team from Lifesong had the opportunity to put feet on the ground in Zambia to see first-hand what God is doing through ministry partners and supporters like you. What the team discovered in their brief but beneficial visit was an overwhelming testament to the goodness of God. Even greater than the magnificent scenery and the kind reception, the team was excited to meet children and families anxious to know the love of Christ. In poverty-stricken communities like Kitwe, children are often left to fend for themselves and end up dropping out of school. Without education or vocational training, these precious kids-turned-young-adults have little to no hope of breaking the poverty cycle. Because of these trends, Lifesong Zambia established a school almost a decade ago for the purpose of providing over 300 orphaned and vulnerable children with a quality Christian education, ultimately equipping young people with tools and training that will promote family preservation … Continue reading

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February 22, 2016

Build a School, Build a Life | Zambia Update

Enjoy this update from our Zambia team– For some time, God has been laying it on our hearts to help prepare graduates and students in need of vocational training for future work. Through a series of events, the job of creating a building to house a vocational school has begun. We anticipate sharing more news about this development as it continues to unfold. For now, the building phase is progressing nicely. Recently, we had a team from Central Illinois spend a week giving us a huge head start on the construction. Our goal is to have the school built and ready for students in 2017-2018.  Many of the boys who are currently in school are making big plans for the future. We believe God, too, has plans for their lives and we want to support them in pursuing the best possible opportunities for growth and employment.  Fordson (pictured right) is in … Continue reading

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November 15, 2015

Small Seeds and Green Roofs {Zambia Update}

 Please enjoy this update from our team in Zambia … “Boss, can I have this piece of plastic?”  “Sir, are you going to use that cardboard box?”   I can tell rainy season is right around the corner.  Every year, the ladies on the farm start patching up their roofs for rainy season.  And every year, I give them what the farm can spare so they can stay dry. In the 4-5 months of rainy season, our area of Zambia will get OVER 3 FEET of rain. We need it to get through the other months of hot, dry weather.  But, it presents some pretty big challenges for our workers. In addition to the natural  increase in malaria in rainy season, they deal with wet houses. Their roofs are a collection of tin sheets, asbestos tiles, cardboard, plastic, feed bags, or whatever might shed water. Often, the kids go to bed wet and cold. This year, … Continue reading

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September 1, 2015

Mission Moment I Going Deep

“I get to see workers becoming brothers and sisters!” – Amech, Farm Manager  Amech’s Story Amech started working at Lifesong Farms-Zambia last year. Before coming to the farm, he and his wife served with another mission in Zambia. They felt a strong connection to Lifesong’s vision– … especially their heart for reaching the community, and that they consider it a privilege to be involved in community work. People come first for Lifesong Farms. Amech feels so strongly about reaching people that he is determined to live in the same community with fellow workers so he can continue to reach out to them for the purposes of fellowship and discipleship. His face lights up when he says– “I get to see workers becoming brothers and sisters!” His wife is a teacher. She, too, has a heart for people. She teaches the ladies at Lifesong Farms to speak English and write so … Continue reading

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August 10, 2015

Farming the Future: The Power of Sustainable Business

When you hear the term sustainable business, what comes to mind?–green business, renewable energy, or harnessing the power of the sun? So many possibilities … and in certain discussions, these answers would be correct. Sustainable business in our context refers to businesses or enterprises that are generating revenue and profit to enable orphan care ministry. As opposed to relying on donations or support, these businesses exist as stand-alone, self-sustaining entities that accomplish 3 specific things: 1. They generate revenue to fuel orphan care projects. Sustainable businesses do not require on-going donations to stay afloat. Hard-working entrepreneurs are making shoes, weaving rugs, farming strawberries–using creative means at their disposal to harness innovative sales for eternal purposes. Luke Gudeman, who spent 4 years working in Zambia on one of Lifesong’s strawberry farms said it best– Find the right people with a head for business and a heart for ministry. 2. They provide jobs for caretakers. … Continue reading

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May 18, 2015

One Child’s Extraordinary Return {Zambia Update}

 Please enjoy this update from Mitzi McBride from Lifesong Zambia… Our growth and improvement as a program is all about the lives of children, and what we are trying to accomplish in those lives.  Today, I had a great picture of our vision…”Bringing Joy and Purpose” to life. Paul is a little boy who is living with a sickness since birth. He has been faithfully on medications for his lifetime. Unfortunately, due to some of the side effects of the medications, he suffered a stroke, experienced extreme dehydration, and refused to eat. It was as if his desire for life had left him. Things started turning around when a medical mission team came and started administering IV fluids at home for a few days. It was as if Paul just needed to see someone cared about him and wanted him in this world.  After that, his stroke symptoms worsened and … Continue reading

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April 15, 2015

Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

“Slowly [the boys] are beginning to realize they’re getting the best…and to also give the best out of their lives.”–John & Mwila, houseparents at Zambia’s Student Life Homes    Since January, three Student Life Homes in Zambia are providing a safe environment for 39 students in the freshman class. This move gives them a place where they can thrive in a healthy, family environment away from the temptations and negative influences found in the compound where they were raised.  As expected, it’s been a bit of an adjustment for the 11 boys in John & Mwila’s home. Learning to function as a family with roles, rules, and certain expectations has taken some time to get used to for a group of boys who are accustomed to living on their own, answering only to themselves.  As you heard in their testimony, John & Mwila have not only met hardships along the way, … Continue reading

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