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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Lifesong for Orphans

“I want to be a doctor because it seems like everyone around me is dying from HIV and I want to devote myself to looking for a cure.” –Shenetu: Lifesong Ethiopia, Age 15, Grade 7 Shenetu (age 15) attends the Lifesong Ethiopia School where he is receiving a quality education and two nutritious meals each school day. He expresses, “I am so happy because this is the first school where I get to eat lunch!” What’s one of the best Christmas present you could give? A gift that shows the love of Jesus to a child like Shenetu… Provide Breakfast & Lunch for an Ethiopian Student Care for Children with HIV/AIDS in Guatemala Be Part of the Impact at Ukraine’s Summer Camp   Want to see what one gift can mean? Watch the Gifts of Purpose video OR page through Lifesong’s Gifts of Purpose Online Catalog to see what impact your … Continue reading

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December 21, 2012

Adoption Process Was a ‘God thing’ // Family Friday

Listen in as Jon & Beth, Lifesong adoptive parents of Josiah from Ethiopia, share with us how God worked in their adoption journey… We are so thankful for Lifesong! We were able to have an account set up in our name where individuals and families could donate to our adoption while we were in the process. During our adoption process we actually received a lot of questions about Lifesong, so we were also able to educate others in the role of Lifesong in helping families. This was a neat experience, as many people had never heard of or understood what Lifesong actually does. We also got involved in another area of Lifesong—Lifesong Ethiopia, which grew our love for Ethiopia even further. We were blessed to visit some of the schools during our second trip to Ethiopia. This whole adoption process was a “God thing.” Experiencing how God turned our hearts towards … Continue reading

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December 19, 2012

Change ONE Future // Gifts of Purpose

With God’s help we desire to continue…adding to inventory, buying more products, and seeing where God is going to take this bakery. We’re just believing that God is going to grow this business for us. –Claudia, Lifesong Honduras graduate & Bakery manager Claudia, once a vulnerable child, is now a Plan Escalon graduate. Because of the education, food, vocational training and spiritual discipleship Plan Escalon provides, she was equipped to start and manage the bakery micro-business on campus. For $1 a day, a life in Honduras can be forever changed! Would you consider changing ONE future this Christmas? Escalate a Child out of Poverty in Honduras Create a Job for a Zambian Caregiver: Loan to raise chickens & Loan to buy and sell dried fish Want to see what one gift can mean? Watch the Gifts of Purpose video OR page through Lifesong’s Gifts of Purpose Online Catalog to see what impact your … Continue reading

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December 18, 2012

Lifesong Ukraine Receives Praise from Government Officials

Please enjoy this exciting update from Lifesong Ukraine Director Denis Poshelok explaining their recent meeting with the Government Alliance for Orphans… Last Wednesday, we held our first conference together with Ukraine Without Orphan Alliance for Kharkov State of Ukraine. We had about 220 participants, mostly State officials on orphan care, social workers, orphanage directors, different religious leaders, NGO representatives, etc. We had 10 people from Lifesong (staff/grads, ministers). Governor’s assistant on social services/orphan care spoke highly about the great role of Lifesong Ukraine plays in coping with orphan crisis in our area. Very encouraging! Testimonies of our graduates – Natasha, Andrei, Ruslana, Dima, Vitalik were very strong and were very impressive to the audience. Also, story of my dad being an orphan, and the fact that Tanya and I are also adoptive parents was received very well. Finally, our camp property with elements of horse therapy was a big hit which nailed down strong intentions of our organization. … Continue reading

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December 17, 2012

From the Heart of a Foster Care Case Worker // Guest Blogger

This will be the first of many Guest Blog Posts from The Forgotten Initiative, Lifesong’s foster care ministry. We invite you to listen in to a “day in the life” of one of central Illinois Foster Care Case Workers, Jenna Rieker… Today, I held the most precious 2 day old baby boy. As I held him in my arms, and I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t help but think of his innocence. Just two short days of being brought into this world, he is under the custody of the state because his mom was doing hard drugs during her pregnancy. He is sent home with a family that are not his parents. His mom fled the hospital within the same day that she gave birth, because she didn’t want to deal with the reality of what was taking place. None of this is because of anything he did, but … Continue reading

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December 14, 2012

Both Hands Project Creates Lasting Friendship // Family Friday

About a year ago, Scott, Becky and a group of their friends worked on a widow’s home for a day as they raised money through Lifesong and Both Hands to bring their daughter Molly home from China. Kelly, the widow they served, and her daughter Tori Rose, lost their husband & father seven years ago. Check out their video from last year… Now, a year later, Molly is finally home and we were excited to receive Becky’s email this week showing how their relationship with Kelly and her daughter has only grown in the past year… I just wanted to share a few precious pictures of Kelly & Tori Rose with our family.  It’s been a year since we did our Both Hands project and we are still great friends with Kelly & Tori Rose!  God joined our two families together in a beautiful way!  The last picture is a … Continue reading

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December 13, 2012

Educate ONE child // Gifts of Purpose

  Many of us often take the gift of education for granted, viewing it as one of “our rights”. Moses, student at Lifesong Zambia, understands that the education he receives at school is a gift, a privilege, and a tool that equips each student to break the cycle of poverty and change their future. Will you give a gift of education to ONE child? Ways you can educate ONE child this Christmas… Offer the ONLY TRUE HOPE to a child in India Provide Education for a Zambian Child Give Education to an Ethiopian Child  Want to see what one gift can mean? Watch the Gifts of Purpose video OR page through Lifesong’s Gifts of Purpose Online Catalog to see what impact your gift to Lifesong for Orphans has on orphans around the world. All donations are tax deductible. Only donations over $250 will receive a receipt, unless requested. Donations must be … Continue reading

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