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July 7, 2014

Reaching Outside Your Walls

Impacting families outside your church’s walls… Read along as a beautiful testimony is shared from an adoptive family who was given an Outside the Walls matching grant from a church in their community. Please read along to their thankful testimony…   We are so thankful for the Outside the Walls grant that was provided to us through Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Adoption Fund. We attend a small church that is just around 5 years old. Though we have many adoptive families at our church, we have not yet been able to establish an adoption fund.  We are so thankful that Johnson Ferry recognizes we are all the body of Christ and used their Adoption Fund resources to go ‘outside of their walls’ to help us bring our sweet little guy home. Through their matching grant, we were able to raise a large portion of adoptions costs that totaled over $40,000. We did not … Continue reading

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July 4, 2014

Anxiety of Waiting vs Joy of Giving {Family Friday}

So much of the adoption journey is waiting, waiting, waiting for the next step, the next phone call, the next email. Enjoy this week’s Family Friday as adoptive couple, Steve & Amy, talked about making the most of the waiting period by serving others. Specifically for them, through a Both Hands project, a service project that raises money for your adoption while working on a widow’s home. Read along… We got a matching grant from Lifesong and did a Both Hands project. We were amazed at how God used this to provide for our adoption costs! Our total from Both Hands and the matching grant covered almost half of our total adoption expenses! We were blown away at how God used our friends and family to rally around us and encourage us through helping with our Both Hands project and giving so generously to help us bring Caleb home! When … Continue reading

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June 25, 2014

Adoption: 5 Funding Ideas that Work!

This post is part of the Adoption Journey Series. See previous post, “Adoption: 3 Ways to Prepare for the Journey” here. While nearly two in five practicing Christians have considered adoption, only 5% have actually done it.* What keeps people from growing their families through adoption? One of the biggest barriers to adoption is the cost. Depending on the circumstances, adoption can cost up to $50,000! It makes sense why many families who have a heart for vulnerable children, look at adoption as something they desire, but is just too hard to grasp because of the high costs. We have families who have seen God perform miracles as they have stepped out in faithfulness to follow His call for their family…if it’s His will, it’s His bill. He will make a way to show Himself as THE Provider of all things. Don’t let money stand in the way, when He … Continue reading

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June 20, 2014

Faith That Changes Family {Family Friday}

Adoption testimonies just never get old, do they? Each have such a powerful, yet unique tune is in beautiful harmony with God’s love for us. Read along as Jeff & Karli share how God drew them into the journey of adoption to their son JM and rejoice in yet another FOREVER FAMILY… In April of 2012, our sister and brother-in-law began to talk about adoption. We listened to the passion on their hearts for justice for children who were abandoned, we cried with them as we learned of the challenges children with special needs face in Eastern Europe, and we wrestled with faith alongside of their family as they trusted God’s call on their lives to adopt a little boy from Ukraine. Their adoption journey forever altered the way we viewed our faith and our lives. As we rejoiced with their son’s homecoming, we also grieved for the others who … Continue reading

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June 6, 2014

Every Single Step of the Way {Family Friday}

Every single step of the way. I love reading Brian & Amy’s testimony of faith as they watched God provide funding for their son Toby to become part of their forever family. Our Adoption Fund Partner, Legacy 685, partnered along with this family to make their adoption a reality! Please read along hearing their heart… Being able to fundraise with Lifesong was such a blessing to us! We had been working so hard with fundraisers that having Lifesong to “back us up” as we wrote direct support letters asking for donations (without any tee shirt or necklace in return) was so helpful. Like a loving father over his children, Lifesong was that “parental” approval that was able to be shared with our donors.  We appreciate their heart for the orphan and wanting to see the neediest children go from a sad life alone to joyful life in a family. I loved … Continue reading

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May 30, 2014

Grateful for God’s Provision {Family Friday}

Thanks for joining us for another Family Friday! Read along today as Tim & Crystal share their adoption journey that took a surprising turn of events. Through the surprises, they trusted and relied on God’s provision to help fund not just one, but two adoptions. Special thanks to our Adoption Fund Partner, Legacy 685, for their financial support of this family… We are so grateful for Lifesong.  The assistance provided by Lifesong helped us adopt our second child, Hadley. We planned and saved for our first adoption, the adoption of our son, Samuel.  Two weeks before our court hearing, at which point Samuel’s adoption would be finalized, we were informed that Samuel’s birth parents were pregnant and had requested that we prayerfully consider adopting Samuel’s soon-to-be-born biological sister.  We were amazed by God’s provision and blessings during the adoption of Samuel. The prospect of adopting another child—let alone a biological … Continue reading

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May 16, 2014

Wild Adventure of Adoption {Family Friday}

Thanks for joining us for another sneak peak into the wild adventure of adoption. This week, listen in as Jason & Jennifer share how God called and help make adoption possible for their family. Special thanks to the Johnson Ferry Baptist Adoption Fund for helping this family fund their adoption through a matching grant! Enjoy their testimony… Jason and I have been leading mission trips to Ecuador for a couple years now through our church. We mainly do work in orphanages on these trips. On one of our trips we met the sweetest little baby boy. I (Jennifer) instantly fell in love with him. I wanted to bring him home!!  Jason was more hesitant. We already had 4 children (2 bio and 2 adopted from China) and at this stage of life things are pretty busy. Adding another child was not yet in the picture, especially a child with some pretty major … Continue reading

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