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Latest News Tag: Adoption Tax Credit

March 18, 2014

Update on Adoption Tax Credit & Call to Action

Grassroots Advocacy Campaign Key Message: Cosponsorship of the refundability bills is the best way for Members to show their willingness to help protect the adoption tax credit  Congressman Camp’s tax reform proposal that eliminates the adoption tax credit makes your outreach that much more critical. While his particular proposal may never go anywhere, it has now become the basis from which tax reform discussions will begin. We need to ensure that we have vocal Members of Congress who will fight on behalf of the adoption tax credit and ensure its protection. And the best way to get Members engaged is by hearing from constituents about the importance of an issue. Don’t let the adoption tax credit be threatened by a lack of vocal outreach from families like yours. Highlighted FAQ: Why is a refundable credit important and how do the bills relate to the overall goal of protecting the credit? •      In 2012, Congress … Continue reading

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March 10, 2014

News on the Adoption Tax Credit

  Grassroots Advocacy Campaign ALERT – BREAKING NEWS: On Wednesday, February 26, Chairman Camp of the Ways and Means Committee released his much anticipated  tax reform proposal and it eliminates the adoption tax credit. This breaking news makes our advocacy efforts that much more critical. Now that an actual legislative proposal has suggested eliminating the credit altogether, we need to ensure that every single Member of Congress  hears from us about its importance. Members will only be compelled to fight for its protection if they hear real stories from all of you.   Key Message: Outreach to your legislators is the only way to protect the adoption tax credit.   Members of Congress want to hear from you – their constituents – about what matters to you.  Legislators only need to hear from 20 constituents about an issue before it becomes important to them.  Remember, Members of Congress are people and … Continue reading

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