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November 4, 2016

How to Bring a Church Family Together (hint: adopt)

I (Ken) am a pastor and have seen so many amazing things the Lord has done in the lives of others. In all my years of following Jesus and bringing others to a relationship with Him, my wife Sarah and I have never seen so much joy from others to support us with prayers, gifts, help, and love. People in our lives were so full of joy and excitement to see an orphan be brought to a loving family. We also saw their hearts transformed by the reality of the orphan crisis that many did not even know existed. Our adoption of Everly created awareness of this reality and also provided a happy ending to the story. Now she is home. God called us to bring her home. When God uses God’s people and God’s people are willing to listen to the call God puts into our hearts, amazing things can … Continue reading

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November 2, 2016

7 (crazy encouraging) Things to Say to Adopting Families

A quick Google search will yield hundreds of examples of what NOT to say to an adopting family. Here are 7 things TO say: 1. “Congratulations!” It almost seems too simple, but genuine excitement is golden to adopting families. You may have legitimate (even gracious, thought-provoking) concerns, but sharing them can be unhelpful. Rest confidently in the knowledge that God is working on the family’s behalf and will not allow an adoption to advance that is not part of His plan. If you can find it in your heart to be excited, pursue it. 2. “God is good!” Regardless of what circumstances led to the decision to adopt–including infertility, miscarriage, cancer–focus on God’s good gift of a child via adoption. Though it is tempting to genuinely apologize–especially if the path leading to the adoption has been difficult–it gives the impression you believe the news is bad or sad. Celebrate the positive outcome of … Continue reading

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October 14, 2016

A Letter to YOU from an Adoptive Family

It didn’t take us long to realize this letter was actually written to you. With all our hearts to the Lifesong family– We brought our sweet boy home forever last December and arrived in Texas on Christmas Eve, after praying for a solid year that he would be home in time for Christmas 2015. What a journey it has been over the last 9 months! As with all adoptions, there are many things families cannot predict, and our story is no different. We had prepared, read, attended conferences and spent time with adoptive families discussing attachment and bonding, anticipating this to be the most challenging aspect to our adoption journey. Although there was a definite and deep grieving period for Titus after leaving the foster parents that had cared for him from the time he was 8 months old until we took custody at 3 years, his bonding to our family has been amazingly smooth … Continue reading

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July 25, 2016

Announcing an Opportunity to Impact Children!

Announcing an opportunity to help bring children home. 5 months ago one man stepped out on an adventure to hike the Appalachian Trail–a 5-million-step journey from Georgia to Maine–to raise awareness and funds for adoption. As is customary for hikers, he took a nickname “Homeward” to illustrate his goal–bringing fatherless children into loving families. He has roughly one month and 300 miles to go, and he’s inviting YOU to join his cause. This week we are encouraging you–a faithful adoption advocate–to support the big hike for adoption in the following 3 ways. Take a walk. Grab your family or invite your friends. Walk any distance in any location. While on the walk take some time to pray for and/or discuss adoption and waiting children. Talk to someone who was adopted or is adopting, or talk to the Lord. Share a photo on your social media. We’d love to see a photo of all … Continue reading

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June 14, 2016

3 Reasons Orphan Care Needs Testosterone

The first time Mike Howerton thought about orphans was on a mission trip to Kenya in 1999. He and his team were ministering to street children ranging in age from 2 to 13. Moved by what he saw, Mike asked a missionary, “What is the hope for these kids?” He was unprepared for the missionary’s answer–that because so many of the children were abusing substances to numb their pain, they often ended up wandering into the streets and getting hit by a vehicle. A few days later, Mike was standing on a street corner when he heard the horrific screech of brakes and ran to find a street boy had been struck by a bus. Mike sat with the child for 45 minutes before an ambulance arrived, but it was too late. For Mike, this was the moment God began to touch his heart about the plight of the orphan. He and his … Continue reading

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May 2, 2016

Church Under the Acacia Tree | Ethiopia Update

Enjoy this update from Ethiopia directors, Gary and Peggy Ifft, with Misgana Ministries— Greetings from very hot Ziway. This time of the year is usually warmer, but nothing like what it is this year. The officials are blaming it on El Niño. The high temperatures each day range from 90 to 104 degrees F (32 to 40 Celsius). This area seems to be turning back into the desert they say it once was.   A few weeks ago one of our teachers sent me a text message asking if we could help the small church he had founded outside the town of Adami Tulu where we have one of our large school campuses. Since we receive requests for help in some way or other every day, I was inclined to simply delete the message and move on. However, something stopped me from doing so. I asked the school director to have him … Continue reading

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April 27, 2016

The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

She was walking and didn’t know where to go. She couldn’t return home if “this” happened to her. She had no one to help her; no one to take care of her because her parents had died when she was little. How could she do “this” alone? She remembered the many nights of sleeping in the apple tree or in the cornfield. She remembered how she didn’t have shoes or proper clothes until she went to boarding school. She didn’t have much time either. She had to make a decision soon. She wrapped her arms around her growing tummy and said this prayer: “God…take care of my baby. Please, please let a family of Yours raise her. Please God, take care of my baby.” This prayer was prayed in 1963 by my birthmother. I was born in 1964 and adopted in 1965 before the Indian Child Welfare Act. My Caucasian … Continue reading

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