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March 29, 2017

Growing Closer: 7 Practical Considerations for Bonding

A family formed by choice inherently comes with questions, fears, and challenges regarding bonding. Here are 7 things to consider– 1. Keep things simple. “One of the most powerful parenting strategies we have used with the greatest amount of immediate and visible, long lasting healing has also been one of the easiest: Holding. Although we naturally did this with our biological son, we intentionally do this with our adopted children. Holding your adopted child is nurturing and gentle, and it’s powerful, because the holding increases and mobilizes development within a child.” –Amy, adoptive mom and blogger 2. Remind yourself that you and your child ultimately want many of the same things–love, acceptance, family, familiarity. It is not you against this child. It is you and this child against this child’s history. –Dr. Karyn Purvis, The Connected Child 3. Acknowledge the loss(es). “Our children want what they have lost, and so do we. They … Continue reading

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