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July 11, 2017

Summer Camp in 7 Exciting Photos | Ukraine Update

Summer presents many unique opportunities here and around the world for Christians to share the Gospel with kids in need. For teams in Ukraine, this is no exception. With Constant Christian Presence (CCP) programs, multiple farm sites, and summer-specific camp ministries, the teams in Ukraine spend the hot summer months in joyful, busy service taking the love of Christ to the fatherless. Here are some recent photos from Lifesong Camp in Ukraine, where 50 children gathered in one place from orphanages in 4 different regions. The campers had a wonderful opportunity to build friendships with other kids they might otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. And because of shared experiences and similar life stories, they were able to bond and build memories that will last a lifetime. Even more exciting? Together, they were able to learn about Jesus in a loving, Christian environment. Through daily, practical study of the Bible, these precious kids got … Continue reading

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July 12, 2016

How Camp Is Changing Lives in Ukraine

Endless laughter, sunkissed faces, lifelong friends… With summer officially underway, camps here in the U.S. and around the world are in full swing. At Lifesong Ukraine, staff and children are in the midst of their busy camp season. These 5- to 7-day camps include studying the Bible, playing games, hiking outdoors, and singing around the campfire. Would you pray with us that God would be pleased to bless this summer camp season abundantly? During the past 5 years, over 5,000 campers have attended one of Lifesong Ukraine’s summer camps. This staggering statistic has provided unprecedented opportunity to invest in the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable children in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. “It was my dream come true; I never felt so great in any of the camps before.” –Yarik (18)  In part because of relationships established or strengthened during the summer camp season, 84% of the children in orphanages served by Lifesong Ukraine continue on to … Continue reading

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April 11, 2016

A Light as Bright as Day | Ukraine Update

Enjoy this update from our Ukraine team– We are on the finish line getting prepared for summer camps season. Still there are a lot of things to do, but it’s a blessed time for us. We are all looking forward to all camps that are coming up. Please pray for these camps, as kids there are closest to God because they are isolated from their usual environment, and surrounded by believers. Our Zap team has been very successful in their ministry. They’ve finished building the transitional house and are now finishing building the Pavilion to provide large indoor and general area for residents and especially transitional home visitors. One interesting fact is that a lot of work has been made by the hands of graduates and Egor along with his wife Alexandra (CCP couple there). We do believe that this work is significant in lives of graduates because they will … Continue reading

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March 4, 2015

Building Relationships Through Ukraine Camps

Mid-February, our staff in Ukraine gathered the key youth volunteers, team members and the graduates who have firmly decided to follow Jesus for a 3-day camp of encouragement and fellowship. Some of our invested Orphan Advocates from the US joined them, presenting practical lessons on relationship building and personal mentorship. It was an encouragement to all who attended! After the sessions, they enjoy a fun (& chilly) time outdoors riding horses, playing in the snow, etc. Time spent together with our Orphan Advocates with a heart to help orphaned children proved to be a blessing full of unforgettable moments! Please enjoy these quotes from those who attended and pictures: “It was a great blessing for me to meet and have fellowship with our brothers from the USA who visited Ukraine. Thanks to the material they shared with us I’ve learned how to build relations with people so they bring glory … Continue reading

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