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October 21, 2016

How Adoption Is Brokenness and Love | Family Friday

Tears of joy and tears of grief. Adoption is born out of both brokenness and love. Going back to our adoption day video, 2-year-old Caidyn was handed to us by a cheerful nanny who had been our son’s most beloved caretaker in Tianjin, China. While our eyes were fixed on Caidyn easily coming to his mommy, the camera was recording. The camera captured the grief and pain written across Ms. Ma’s face, knowing she would never seen Caidyn again. As a foster family ourselves, we are familiar with the grief when a child leaves the last time. This transition is bittersweet, we see the transition involving the broken and the loved. This was one of many motivators in our pursuit of international adoption and for our sweet boy, Caidyn. Nearly 20 years ago a seed was planted in my heart to adopt. I experienced the pain of a wrecked family … Continue reading

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February 26, 2016

Adoption: Amazing and Messy | Family Friday

Our church, The Church at Brook Hills, has played a huge role in our lives in displaying the biblical truths about adoption and the fatherless, and opening our eyes to the Lord’s command in regards to this. The Lord placed adoption on our hearts throughout our engagement, but after two years of an infertility journey, we felt the Lord strongly leading us to close that door and to begin praying about adding to our family through adoption. We eagerly began the adoption process in the summer of 2010, feeling led to the country of China. Our first precious little girl, Karlye, was placed in our arms in June of 2011. Karlye has been such a blessing to our family and has taught us so much more than we could have ever imagined. She is a beautiful, smart, funny, kind-hearted and determined little girl. She was an amazingly brave little girl … Continue reading

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August 7, 2015

Mission Impossible: A Love Story

We expected to have more time to apply for grants. Since we had to wait to be matched with our son and unexpectedly received our approval from China in just 15 days instead of the 2-6 month estimate we’d been given, we found ourselves with very little time.  We could not afford to adopt, but we had ideas of how, over a year or two, we could make enough extra to do so. We were told that our process would take 18-24 months but God did not give us that long. We had less than six months to fully fund our entire adoption and that was absolutely impossible! God used His church and Lifesong to prove that He isn’t concerned with silly things like “possible.” We were matched with our son on September 9, 2014 and he was placed in our arms January 19, 2015. God brought over $20,000 to … Continue reading

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January 31, 2014

HE Redeems our Losses {Family Friday}

Please enjoy this guest blog post from Tollie & Ashley, adoptive parents of Aaron and Meili from China. This testimony is God-breathed. I pray that you will take the time to read through their journey and bless God for His personal and loving touch He had on this family in a very intentional way. We we happy to partner with this family with fundraising support through Both Hands Project. Enjoy their story… It was one year ago today, January 17, 2013, that the Lord revealed His breathtakingly beautiful plan for us. A plan of redemption that He had been working for so long. A plan that began with mourning and ashes. It all began in February 2004, when we were 7 weeks into our second pregnancy. I had had some spotting and went in for check up. Our fears were confirmed. Our doctor could find no heartbeat. We had lost our … Continue reading

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October 20, 2012

Family Friday: “We know God called us to adopt…”

Steven and Tiffany could list 78 reasons why they decided to grow their family through adoption.  For several years, they traveled as road directors for an international children’s choir.  They felt God working on their hearts as they were “Mom” and “Dad” to the children in the choir, many of which were orphans from India, Uganda, Brazil, Philippines, Nepal, and Myanmar. The Lord used these children to cultivate in them a heart for the orphan.  As most adoption stories go, Steven and Tiffany’s journey had some unexpected turns and surprises. But through it all, they felt God’s presence and peace as they persued the adoption of their daughter Ayla from China. Thanks to The Church of Brook Hills Adoption Fund, Steven and Tiffany were given a matching grant through Lifesong to help with some of the fiancial costs. Listen in to hear more… Lifesong provided a way for people to give tax-deductible gifts … Continue reading

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October 5, 2012

Family Friday: “…confident in His ultimate provision…”

Meet Wes & Kellee. Their adoption story began in Kellee’s prayer group. When a woman in her group came home from a mission trip to an orphanage in Beijing, China, she shared with their group about a special little boy with Spina Bifida who had captured her heart.  She asked for their group to pray that he could find a “forever family.”  Kellee and the rest of the women prayed diligently for this little boy for two years.  During this time Kellee began to feel that God was telling her that they were to become his forever family.  She brought home a picture of him and as a family they prayed for him every night.  Over time, Wes & Kellee knew God was leading them in this direction.  Three months ago, they were able to bring home 7-year-old, David, home into their forever family! Listen in as they share their … Continue reading

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September 28, 2012

Family Friday: “…more & more in love…”

Thankful to share yet another story of God’s faithfulness of setting the lonely into a family. We were blessed to partner with Greg & Angie as they organized a Both Hands Project to raise funds for the adoption of their new daughter Joy, from China. Please join us in prayer for this family who chose to grow their family through adoption! Thank God for his steadfast love in adopting each of us! There have been many challenges throughout our adoption process. We are finally moving past survival mode and are growing more and more in love with our daughter, Joy, every day. We cannot imagine going through the process without the help of Both Hands and Lifesong and the many, many prayers of our friends and family. We are so thankful for Joy and we can’t imagine life without her in our family. We are thankful for the help we … Continue reading

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