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April 5, 2017

How to Breathe Life into Your Church Adoption Culture

Adoptive families crave authentic, supportive community, and there should be no better place to find it than in the local church. Plain and simply, when families step into foster care and adoption, they enter the pain and suffering of another human being. In doing so, they often become the brokenhearted. In taking on the burdens once belonging solely to the child in their care, parents become the weary, discouraged, and overwhelmed in need of a timely word or helping hand. The church, by its very definition, exists for hurting people and should be the safest place for families to find the hope that exists in Christ. Here are 3 ways to breathe life into your church’s adoption culture– 1. Encourage truth. The “How are you? —Fine” scenario is cliche in our culture, but it shouldn’t be the pattern in our church family. As foster/adoptive parents bring wounded children into the church assembly–some of whom … Continue reading

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March 17, 2017

What Is the Limit to God’s Provision?

My name is Christy. Growing up, my family went to the annual fundraiser for a local children’s home, which made me aware of the great need of children without families. Adoption was something God placed on my heart from an early age and continued to remind me of periodically. During college, I traveled to Peru on a mission trip and also had the opportunity to volunteer with local elementary schools in a high-need part of the city. Adoption was something Rafael and I had discussed prior to getting married. As a police officer in a major metropolitan city, Rafael also understood the great need for children to be in safe, caring families. While we weren’t sure exactly where we were going to adopt from or where the funds would come from, we knew God was calling us to adopt and began researching different options. Originally, we researched adopting from Latin … Continue reading

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January 20, 2017

From Our Family to Yours: A Word to the Undecided

In Chad and Kelly’s words– God had a plan for our sweet son all along. We began communicating with our birth mom in August and were able to be with her in the hospital for the birth. We’ve continued communication through a dedicated Facebook page for our son. She enjoys the updates and pictures, and it gives her reassurance that he is in a loving and happy home. I was so apprehensive when we started this journey about having any contact with the birth mom (or dad or both). I’m so glad God changed our hearts. We have so much information to share with Bohdi as he grows, and he will be able to feel a sense of belonging not only to us but to his birth parents. They love him and wanted the best for him, and I’m so thankful we had the time we did to communicate and share with … Continue reading

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January 4, 2017

The Most Important Story: 2016 in Review

As we reflect on God’s goodness in 2016 … We are grateful beyond measure for your continued love and support for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. We are also quick to remember that the most important stories are not easily communicated on charts or as statistics–children trusting Christ for salvation, volunteers sacrificing precious time, widows praying earnestly for the fatherless, missionaries choosing faithfulness on the field, donors giving sacrificially–that make the ministry possible every single day. UPDATE: Thank YOU for helping meet the match! Our goal: $1,ooo,ooo. What happened: You contributed $1,205,330 to help children and families. We praise God for His faithfulness–and yours–in exceeding our goal! Thank you for being a critical part of the mission of Lifesong. We look forward to what God allows us to accomplish together this year.   Take the next step in 2017. Join Lifesong by creatively and practically caring for orphans around the world through one of our many exciting … Continue reading

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November 4, 2016

How to Bring a Church Family Together (hint: adopt)

I (Ken) am a pastor and have seen so many amazing things the Lord has done in the lives of others. In all my years of following Jesus and bringing others to a relationship with Him, my wife Sarah and I have never seen so much joy from others to support us with prayers, gifts, help, and love. People in our lives were so full of joy and excitement to see an orphan be brought to a loving family. We also saw their hearts transformed by the reality of the orphan crisis that many did not even know existed. Our adoption of Everly created awareness of this reality and also provided a happy ending to the story. Now she is home. God called us to bring her home. When God uses God’s people and God’s people are willing to listen to the call God puts into our hearts, amazing things can … Continue reading

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November 2, 2016

7 (crazy encouraging) Things to Say to Adopting Families

A quick Google search will yield hundreds of examples of what NOT to say to an adopting family. Here are 7 things TO say: 1. “Congratulations!” It almost seems too simple, but genuine excitement is golden to adopting families. You may have legitimate (even gracious, thought-provoking) concerns, but sharing them can be unhelpful. Rest confidently in the knowledge that God is working on the family’s behalf and will not allow an adoption to advance that is not part of His plan. If you can find it in your heart to be excited, pursue it. 2. “God is good!” Regardless of what circumstances led to the decision to adopt–including infertility, miscarriage, cancer–focus on God’s good gift of a child via adoption. Though it is tempting to genuinely apologize–especially if the path leading to the adoption has been difficult–it gives the impression you believe the news is bad or sad. Celebrate the positive outcome of … Continue reading

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October 7, 2016

Enduring the Agony of Adoption Detours | Family Friday

Meet Austin and Erin. In his words … Our adoption journey began in 2010, when we applied to adopt from Ethiopia. Early on, Erin and I knew we wanted to adopt. In pre-marital counseling, when discussing children, we realized we were both interested in international adoption. Our desire grew further in our young marriage, so we decided we would pursue an adoption before trying to have biological children. This leads to the first lesson we learned (as it seems all do): adoptions do not go in straight lines. We were blessed with two biological children while waiting for our adoption in Ethiopia to come to fruition. About four years into the process our agency, Gladney Center for Adoption, informed us they were having to close their operation in Ethiopia. Despite this grave disappointment, we were so thankful to have Gladney walking with us every step of the way. Their professionalism and … Continue reading

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