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June 19, 2015

When God Pays the Bills

  Two years ago on August 11th, we were at the brink of financial crisis. We had already been through several years of a struggling business. We had depleted our three-figure savings and were trying to resolve a three figure business debt that the bank demanded be paid in full. We were ready to sell our house to get out of debt, but several hindrances delayed that option. The Word directs us to pray, so we prayed specifically for a $10,000 miracle to meet our needs and help us keep our business afloat. We weren’t prepared for the speed with which God answered that prayer. One hour later Kirk had a message on his phone that a customer who had previously decided not to hire him changed his mind and offered a check for 10% down … $10,000! During this time of financial uncertainty, we felt God calling us to … Continue reading

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