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September 28, 2016

Things that [May] Be Different about Adoption

I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to grow a human for 9 months, then birth it, and listen to the world throw advice. But here are a few things I think may be different about adoption than birthing a biological baby. Our parents didn’t wait in the hospital waiting room and light cigars. Our parents waited with us for sure–a year and a half. But when it came down to delivery, my son didn’t come from my body. We heard over the phone that he was born and healthy. We were thrilled but with open hands, knowing he may not be ours two days later. Our parents waited to meet him until we left Texas (we had to wait for paperwork to clear before leaving the state) and then waited while we bonded for 6 more weeks. Becoming instant parents was wonderful but also took consideration from others … Continue reading

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January 20, 2016

What Adopting Parents Want You to Know

My husband and I were returning from overseas with our newly adopted son. We had spent 20+ hours on a flight with a screaming toddler, and I was pretty certain I had animal crackers and seaweed snacks lodged in my hair. We stumbled off the plane like a pack of sleepwalkers and took the sky train to the exit that would lead to baggage claim. Standing at the top of the final escalator–bleary-eyed and bone-weary–we slowly came to realize what awaited us at the exit. Dozens of our friends and family (75+ people!) waited with open arms, the tears on their faces as sincere as our own.  I shouldn’t have been surprised. These faithful faces had been supportive of our news from day 1. My husband and I are often asked how we survived our 3-year adoption wait. (Like many adoptions, our process was fraught with miscommunications, hurdles, and disappointments.) … Continue reading

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