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November 1, 2013

“We thougth that this was it…” // Family Friday

Welcome to another edition of Family Friday. Listen in this week as Michael and Melissa share their journey to their daughter and how now God is continually leading them to yet another child! How wonderful! Please keep this family in your prayers as they continue to move forward on His path… We are Michael and Melissa Solecki.  We have been married for 12 years and have been blessed with four beautiful daughters, Kaylee (8), Naomi (7), Autumn (5) and Bridget (5).  We are excited to have our family of six turn into a family of seven! We have always talked about adoption – even before we started dating.  Shortly after we first met, Melissa was getting ready to go to Romania for the second time on a mission trip where she would get to work with orphans.  Melissa shared her heart with Mike about her desire to adopt one day … Continue reading

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October 25, 2013

“And the best thing is, she is ours!” // Family Friday

 Thanks for joining us for another Family Friday! Please enjoy this beautifully written account from Luke and Katie as they share the ups and downs, joys and changes of their adoption journey to their daughter Maya and how God has blessed them above and beyond! Please enjoy…  Maya Kate started kindergarten this fall and is doing great!  We celebrated her gotcha Day on September 25th. Thinking over the past years, I am swiftly reminded of the abundance of grace our family has experienced. We first “met” our daughter Maya Kate in April 2010 when we saw her photograph on the AAI waiting child list. A beautiful little girl with soft dark curls and a round face, she was considered a special needs adoption because she had surgery on her nose when she was a baby. She was living at Phayathai Babies Home in Bangkok. We knew even back then that … Continue reading

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October 18, 2013

“God’s hands were working” // Family Friday

Enjoy another Family Friday with us this week! Listen in as Eric & Nicole share a portion of their journey to their daughter Eden. We count it a pure joy to have played a small role in this sweet child finding a FOREVER FAMILY. Listen in… We started our journey March 16, 2010 on my Dad’s birthday (my dad died 10 years earlier). We felt a calling for adopting a waiting child and we followed that calling across the globe to Ethiopia. We opened our hearts to whatever God would place in our path, praying as we went and expecting that God would lead us to our child. We were later matched with a 7 year old boy and throughout the court hearing interviews it was discovered that his birth parents situation had changed drastically since he was placed for adoption. After careful study of the situation the 7 year … Continue reading

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October 11, 2013

“Nothing short of a miracle” // Family Friday

Welcome to another week of Family Friday! We were honored to play a small part in Derek & Leslie’s second adoption of their son Silas. Enjoy their adoption testimony… When we began the process to adopt, we knew it was a calling given to us by God. At the time, we did not have the funds to adopt, but trusted that He would provide for us. Lifesong generously offered us a Matching grant which covered a significant amount of fees to help bring our son home. Over the course of our entire adoption process we were in awe watching how the Lord provided for us to adopt our son and Lifesong was a huge part of that blessing. The matching grant enabled us to be able to pay for our referral fees to be able to say yes to our son, Silas. God’s provision was very evident in the financing of … Continue reading

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October 4, 2013

“Nate fits perfectly in our family!” // Family Friday

One less orphan. One more Family Friday. Please join me in walking through Chad & Kristy’s adoption journey to their son Nathaniel from China. We are always thankful to play a small role by helping families financially. Our Adoption Fund Partner, Church at Brook Hills, awarded this family with a matching grant. Enjoy their story… Lifesong was such a blessing to our family in allowing us to get the funds we needed to bring our precious son home. We were certain the Lord called us to this child and we knew He would provide the money needed to get our son home. As much as we wanted this child to be part of our home we wanted even more to be in line with God’s plan for us no matter what. We are thankful the Lord provided the funds needed and thankful for the opportunity to use the matching grant … Continue reading

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September 27, 2013

“We have learned to trust in God’s timing” // Family Friday

Welcome to another Family Friday — these stories just never get old! Let’s praise God this week for bringing another orphan into a forever family because of His love, provision and sovereignty in the lives of Wade & Alissa. Listen in as they share their adoption testimony and journey to their sweet little Lola Rene… Going through the adoption process for the second time hadn’t really been on our radar before we began the process in September 2012.  Our daughter, Larkin, was 16 months old and keeping us busy.  Although we knew we would adopt again in the future, we had thought we would wait until Larkin was a little older.  However, we have learned to trust in God’s timing, and listen to His call to care for the orphan. After a few months of paperwork and home study visits, we became a waiting family for a domestic adoption.  As … Continue reading

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September 20, 2013

“God knew what we would need” // Family Friday

I find this week’s Family Friday completely refreshing. Maybe it’s the Katee’s sweet smile pictured below. Or maybe it’s the realness that Ian & Julie share in their adoption testimony. You see, Lifesong receives dozens of funding applications per week, so much more than the funds that are available. I love hearing this family’s testimony of God’s provision in giving them not necessarily what they wanted, but what they needed. We are honored to be just a small part of God’s beautiful picture of provision. Lifesong was the first grant we applied for during our adoption process. To be completely honest, I was initially disappointed when we “only” received fundraising support and not the matching grant I was praying for. But our sovereign God knew what we would need and clearly directed Lifesong in their decision regarding our family. We ended up receiving two large grants from other organizations, and … Continue reading

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