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March 8, 2017

A Word to the Weary Mom

Dear weary mom, Today is International Women’s Day, but I don’t expect you to know that since you spent your morning rushing around trying to prod your children to eat their breakfast or get ready for school. (Whoever invented the phrase “herding cats” never had children. “Herding children” needs no fancy idiom.) After a drive across town–in which you answered a dozen questions on deep subjects requiring more than simple soundbites–you sent your kids into the clutches of their familiar morning routine, breathing out a prayer for their safety. You smell faintly of peanut butter or tears, depending on the day (or hour!), but no matter. You worry, instead, about your sensitive child who wears his global development delays on his sleeve, and you hope the other kids in his life tread lightly today. You’re tired, and I understand.   So, about today. Today is supposed to be a global day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural, … Continue reading

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February 17, 2017

4 Years to the Minute | Family Friday

What a journey! We felt led to adopt back in November 2011, and for various reasons we quickly decided to pursue adoption from Haiti. At that time we believed that the finances would be the most challenging mountain to climb as we expected that the adoption would cost over $24,000. But with a few creative fundraisers, some help from friends, and some serious penny pinching we found that the finances were the easy part! We struggled for 4 ½ years (mostly with US immigration) to bring Manuchka home. God clearly taught us about patience and hope in seasons of pain. Fact: Where God leads, God provides. We have so many examples of God’s provision. 1) Our garage sale raised $14,000. 2) We experienced countless times where we had a deadline to submit evidence to the Department of Homeland Security and God provided just at the last moment to prevent our denial. 3) After having trouble … Continue reading

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February 13, 2017

How to Strengthen Your Marriage on the Fostering or Adoption Journey

Dennis and Barbara Rainey know a thing or two about how to preserve and even strengthen a marriage while doing the hard work of caring for the world’s most vulnerable. They’ve been married over 40 years and have 6 grown children, one of whom is adopted. Additionally, they lead Family Life, a multi-faceted ministry to families. So when they shared their tips for cultivating a healthy marriage while fostering or adopting, we listened. Here are 2 points to keep in mind, as well as 4 practical suggestions– 1. Your marriage must be built to outlast your children. Whether our children are biological, fostered, or adopted, they will challenge us, and our marriage must be built to withstand the challenges. Why? If our relationship with God or our spouse suffers, it negatively impacts our marriage as well as the children we are trying to care for and love. Stepping into the foster … Continue reading

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February 10, 2017

The Best Decision We Made for Our Adoption

When it comes to marriage, we spend so much time getting ready for the wedding that we don’t always do the hard work of preparing for the marriage itself. Adoption can be like that. We’re so busy raising money and getting rooms ready that all of a sudden we wake up one day and there are new children in our home and we’re not sure what to do. I believe preparing the best that you can, (knowing that there’s really no way to be totally prepared) is essential. The goal of being prepared helped my family when we adopted. We did all the required counseling sessions … and more. We read all of the required books … and more. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. Some of it we had to find our own way. But we felt prepared. The best advice If there’s one piece of practical advice I can … Continue reading

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February 3, 2017

One Thought that Gripped Our Hearts | Family Friday

When we began the process to adopt, we were overwhelmed at the thought of the cost (to say the least!) … A good friend of ours, who is also an adoptive father, said that when he was adopting he had this thought: “I have a daughter in China and I MUST get her no matter what. If someone kidnapped any of my children and demanded a huge ransom, I would sell everything and do whatever it took to ransom their freedom. Be prepared for this mindset to grip you.” That thought alone gripped our hearts the moment we heard it. We stepped forward with trepidation, prayerfully asking God to provide and affirm our choice to adopt. And wow was He more than faithful! When we did our Both Hands project, it was the most amazing experience to see so many of our friends and family come alongside us in support. … Continue reading

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December 14, 2016

7 Creative Ways to Honor Your Child’s Culture at Christmas

Child's culture at Christmas

Holidays are a great time to celebrate the varying and diverse cultural heritage that makes up the fabric of an adoptive family. Incorporating your child’s cultural roots in a special way tells your child–with or without saying it–that these roots are important, not only for him or her, but for your entire family. Here are 7 creative ways to honor your child’s culture at Christmas– 1. Eat something. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, you can find a recipe for just about anything. Go to a site like and enter a country name into the search box. Incorporate an item onto the main holiday menu or serve it as a special snack at bedtime. Kinche from Ethiopia or dumplings from China would make an excellent family holiday tradition. Bonus: Look for international grocery stores in your area, or order treats online. 2. Read something. Look for books that celebrate your child’s ethnicity or cultural history without … Continue reading

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December 9, 2016

Movie Night: 5 Family Films About Adoption

Movies can be a helpful catalyst for conversation. And since adoption is a time-tested theme in entertainment, many choices exist. Not all family friendly movies containing an adoption element are a good idea, however. If you’re looking to avoid a movie (a.k.a. The Avengers) whose on-screen answer to a killer’s spree was, “He’s adopted,” try *these choices instead. 1. Anne of Green Gables Whether you have sworn your lifetime allegiance to the 1985 production or are a new fan of the recently released 2016 version (OR are holding out for the new TV series coming to Netflix in 2017), don’t discount this plot line in the adoption discussion. Orphaned since infancy and passed around for 12 years, Anne maintains a single philosophy: Look for the best in everything. If it doesn’t exist, imagine it. Finally Anne is adopted by Matthew and Marilla, and it doesn’t take long to realize this decision makes many lives richer. 2. Despicable Me … Continue reading

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