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August 22, 2014

Samuel, Our Incredible Gift {Family Friday}

Read along for this week’s Family Friday as Mark & Karen share their adoption journey to their son Samuel. Thankful to see God’s hand work in their family every step of the way, showing that His timing and details are always what we need. Enjoy their story… We’d been in the match book since February but since our daughter was not yet 2 we weren’t feeling anxious, trusting that the Lord’s timing is perfect.   We got a call that a birth mom had come in and was due Aug 5th.  Wow – that’s soon – I thought.  It was unknown whether it was a boy or girl so they asked if we wanted to be presented because we had specified a boy.  After talking, we decided yes.  I told myself that we were 1 of 7 couples, and likely the oldest – not to get my hopes up.  That … Continue reading

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April 25, 2014

“Little did we know of God’s plan…” {Family Friday}

I love the honesty and realness in this week’s Family Friday. Listen in as Zachary & Rachel share how adoption journeys rarely go as planned, but through the unmet expectation, our Father God shows himself strong. Listen in to their story… Our journey with Lifesong began in December 2011.  Just a few months earlier after many months of prayers, our dream of adopting a second child became a reality as we received an initial donation to help offset the $38,000 needed.  We were encouraged however from initial donations of many family and friends and the support of our Church family that helped us get there.  We were praying daily and planning on adopting a daughter from the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  We prayed for Audrey and those who would take care of her before our arrival.  After being in the process for 6 months already we began planning her … Continue reading

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March 15, 2014

“God brought this child home” {Family Friday}

Thanks for joining us for another Family Friday. Listen in this week as Dave & Heidi, a couple in full-time ministry, share their adoption journey to their son Zeke. I hope you hear in their words one theme: that God, through any uncertainty, made a way and brought this child into a forever family. And for that, we praise HIM, the Giver of all good gifts! Enjoy… For us adoption was a calling, an obedience step. We felt strongly about being apart of the solution to the orphan crisis. But because we’re in full-time ministry and we raise our own support, we were nervous about the money it would take to make it happen. Literally the day after we sent in our first check to our homestudy agency, we got a notice from our ministry that we were going to receive a short-paycheck (our first one in 15 years of … Continue reading

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January 31, 2014

HE Redeems our Losses {Family Friday}

Please enjoy this guest blog post from Tollie & Ashley, adoptive parents of Aaron and Meili from China. This testimony is God-breathed. I pray that you will take the time to read through their journey and bless God for His personal and loving touch He had on this family in a very intentional way. We we happy to partner with this family with fundraising support through Both Hands Project. Enjoy their story… It was one year ago today, January 17, 2013, that the Lord revealed His breathtakingly beautiful plan for us. A plan of redemption that He had been working for so long. A plan that began with mourning and ashes. It all began in February 2004, when we were 7 weeks into our second pregnancy. I had had some spotting and went in for check up. Our fears were confirmed. Our doctor could find no heartbeat. We had lost our … Continue reading

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January 10, 2014

Why it’s Good to Share Your Adoption Journey {Family Friday}

Thankful for a new year and the opportunity to share more adoptive family testimonies with you! Listen in this week and Chris and Kirsty share from their journey to their daughter Fei from China. We were blessed to be able to partner with this family by providing them with an interest-free loan and fundraising support. Join us in rejoicing with this forever family… It was truly remarkable to share our adoption journey with family and friends through our fundraising, allowing them to participate in the process if they so chose.  Further, the opportunity to share both the need of and Christ’s challenge to care for orphans and widows allowed us many conversations about God’s work in our lives and his consistent faithfulness. God had laid adoption on our hearts for a long time, though we were uncertain as to how the details would be worked out.  He used Lifesong to bridge … Continue reading

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